Item Description
Nine Inch Nails
Live at Terminal 5, New York City
Multi-Camera shot
Format: NTSC
2 DVDs
1. "Pinion"
2. "Somewhat Damaged"
3. "Wish"
4. "Last"
5. "Sin"
6. "March Of The Pigs"
7. "Something I Can Never Have"
8. "Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)"
9. "Metal"
10. "Terrible Lie"
11. "Head Down"
12. "Burn"
13. "Gave Up"
14. "La Mer"
15. "The Frail"
16. "The Wretched"
17. "Non-Entity"
18. "Gone, Still"
19. "Lights In The Sky"
20. "The Downward Spiral"
21. "1,000,000"
22. "Survivalism"
23. "The Good Soldier"
24. "Dead Souls"
25. "Hurt"
26. "Suck"
27. "Down In It"
28. "The Hand That Feeds"
29. "Head Like A Hole"
Second Encore
30. "Reptile" with Peter Murphy
31. "A Strange Kind Of Love" with Peter Murphy (with lyrics
from "Bela Lugosi's Dead" added)
32. "Final Solution" with Peter Murphy
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