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MyCommunication Board!

You are buying a brand new copy of MyCommunication Board ™. And what is MyCommunication Board?
It is a Windows ™ based application that I developed (yes, I'm a computer programmer) to create communication books, boards, schedules, etc. for my daughter, who has autism and is non verbal. I
designed MyCommunication Board ™ to use any picture, or clip art, or image file with the following types, bmp, wmf, jpg, or gif. I have found that my own daughter prefers actual photographs.

Since I am also an amateur photographer, I am also including my Angel Speaks Symbols CD (how else am I ever going to get my work 'published"). This CD contains over a thousand of my own personal photographs, some symbols and some public domain images (public domain images are images that are not protected by
copyright and may be freely used). Besides pictures of my daughter's two favorite subjects (food items and favorite restaurants), there are images for colors, shapes, emotions, rooms, school, clothing, grooming, animals, kitchen, currency, traffic signs, maps of all 50 states, maps of all countries, the solar system, all US Presidents, etc. As you can see, you can also use my images to create boards to help your child with school subjects!

MyCommunication Board ™ has the following features:
Borders - print them, don’t print them, choose your own border width and your own border color
Text – use the image name, type in your own, pick your own font style, size, and color, and print text on the top or
Save the completed template
Print the completed template

How it Works!

Now, I've made this very easy to use. If you want to create a communication board in a matter of minutes, then the defaults are:

Borders - color black
Text - on the bottom, using the name of the image
Font - comic sans, 12 pt (for some reason, my favorite font)
Template - select a pre-formatted template from the list below (note, the Porta Book template is perfect for use in a photo album that holds 4X6 inch photos. Since you can find many of these at the dollar store, then you can create several AFFORDABLE communication books very quickly).

Then you select the drive and folder where the images are stored and just click. As you click on the image, it is displayed so you know if it's the one you really want.

Preformatted templates make the creation of communication boards quick and easy. The following formats are available:

Twelve templates that allow you to quickly create communication pictures with the following formats:
One image per page
Two images per page
Four images per page
Six images per page
Eight images per page
Ten images per page
Twelve images per page
Sixteen images per page
Twenty images per page
Twenty five images per page
Thirty images per page
Forty images per page

Three templates that allow you to create their own bingo cards with the following formats:
Nine images per page
Sixteen images per page
Twenty five images per page

One template to allow the creation of flash cards
Six images per page

Two special templates for creating specific communication books:

Porta Book - twelve images, specifically for our Do It Yourself Porta Communication Book
Mini book - twenty four images

Other Benefits!

Please note that the boards included with my listing for Print It Yourself Communication Boards Volume 1 and 2 are included with this application (the templates which you can then print the boards from. The Print It Yourself boards are in PDF format).

Inside the CD case, you'll find a nifty little Quick Start brochure (right behind the Installation Instructions).

Once, you've ordered a copy of MyCommunication Board, I will register the copy so you will have access to FREE EMAIL TECHNICAL SUPPORT.

That's right, you email your question or issue to me, and I will respond (just don't expect 24/7 support, because I'm all by my lonesome here, plus I operate on Central Standard Time). Tech Support inquiries are responded Monday through Friday, except for Holidays.

My shipping policy: If I receive payment before noon on a weekday (Monday - Friday), I will ship your item on the same day, otherwise, I will ship it on the next business day.

Our Payment Policy:
I accept PayPal and credit cards.

Our Return Policy:
Product arrives damaged: within 7 days return with original packaging and receipt for a replacement - or - please send me a photo of the damaged item with packaging in the photo so I can investigate the cause of the damage. Please email me for a return authorization. If your internet connection is DSL or broadband, I could offer a replacement via digital delivery to give you a jump start on using the software.

Note: MyCommunication Board has been tested on Windows ME, Windows XP,. Windows Vista, and Windows 7. If you have other Window operating systems, the software may not be compatible.

Windows ™ is a Registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

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