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“…a delightful, if predictable, movie that is a perfect vehicle for Debbie’s natural effervescence and Cliff Robertson’s solid, “salt-of-the-earth” persona… a wonderful family film that harkens back to a time when family really mattered.” Eric Wellbrock, Reel to Real Reviews

My Six Loves (1963) on DVD!
Out-of-print and extremely hard-to-find even on VHS, this classic, heartwarming, family-friendly Debbie Reynolds’ film has never looked better!

Synopsis: Successful Broadway star Janice Courtney collapses from exhaustion and is ordered to rest for six weeks at her country home in Connecticut. While there, she meets some people who change her life permanently, and discovers true love and happiness. Cliff Robertson shines in a role you will rarely find today: a minister who is wise, gracious, godly…and fun!

Product Note: DVD comes with MENU and SCENE Selection. The quality of both the image and the sound on this region-free disc are excellent, a solid 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 (Laserdisc quality). Comes in a standard amoray case with nice cover art. I guarantee that you won’t find a better copy anywhere. Used but good as new, this is your chance to get this for far less than what I have into it.
SPECIAL NOTE: If you’re looking exclusively for an official, studio-manufactured North American DVD version of this movie, it doesn’t exist – here or anywhere. Please don’t buy on this. But if you’re looking for the very best possible version of this film, nicely packaged, you need look no further. Happy bidding!


Starring: Debbie Reynolds, Cliff Robertson, Eileen Heckart, David Janssen, Jim Backus, Hans Conried | Director: Gower Champion | Producer: Gant Gaither | Associate Producer: Doane Harrison | Screenplay by: John Faute, Joseph Clavelli, William Wood; from a story by Peter V.K. Funk | Released by: Paramount