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Rating: UK Universal suitable for all ages
Aspect: Fullscreen

Disc One: When Fozzie and the Muppet Show gang drop in unexpectedly
on Fozzie's mother, she is forced to cancel her winter vacation
plans and entertain them all. Soon the Sesame Street gang comes by
as carolers, and then Kermit and his nephew Robin discover a
Fraggle Rock hole in the basement. A snow storm blows in, stranding
everyone at the house, except for Miss Piggy, who arrives just in
time for all the Muppets to celebrate Christmas together. BONUS:
The Christmas Toy

Disc two has the uncut version with the following scenes missing
from the first.

* A very funny joke scene between Fozzie and his snowman. * Rowlf
playing the piano when he first arrives at the farm house. * Piggy
singing "Home for the Holidays" * Statler and Waldorf's" I Heard
the Bells on Christmas" song. * When the Muppets watch the film
strip of themselves as the Muppet Babies, the cute scenes of them
singing and the adults commenting. * Mrs. Bear putting up Fozzie's
stocking. * During the medley at the end, Kermit and Piggy sing,
"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas".

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