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Right here, you have the ability to have for your very own on dvd, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 television series. I will even include the KTMA shows! These episodes have been upgraded from my previous offerings.
100 + dvds in all.These episodes are IN ORDER! NO ONE else on Ioffer can claim that! They come with Menu screens & chapter selections. There are 2 shows on each disc except for the 2-3 that have 3 episodes
Too keep costs down , they will be sent on a spool. It takes less room & is easier to ship.
This is for EVERY episode except for KTMA #3, No one has that! I DO have host segments for that episode & it IS included!
Also, I will throw in an interview show that is SUPER RARE plus some specials!
Specials include:
1.)Poopie! A bunch of out-takes from MST3K!
2.)Poopie Parade of Values: The special advertising the release
of Poopie & The MST3K Scrapbook!
3.)The MST3K Scrapbook!
4.)This is MST3K!
5.)The Making of MST3K
6.)MST3K The Movie Press Kit!
7.)The rare Assignment Venezuela short!
Feel free to ask any questions!

Please read my feedback and see that I'm a good and quick seller with no complaints.