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Things That Aren't Here Anymore (1995)
More Things That Aren't Here Anymore (1998)
Color, full screen, complete. 62 min. each
Hosted by Ralph Story
Nostalgic look at various bygone institutions of Los Angeles, including: Pacific Ocean Park, Helms Bakery home delivery, Lion Country Safari, Angels Flight, Muntz TV electronics, The Coconut Grove, Bullocks Wilshire, The SS Catalina, The SS Rex (floating casino), The Spruce Goose, The Spade Cooley Show, Corriganville, Busch Gardens, Grand Central Airport, Gilmore Field, Schwabs Hollywood, Beverly Park (Kiddieland), Clifton's Cafeteria, The Brown Derby, Val Verde Resort, The Pacific Electric Red Car, The Princess Louise Restaurant, Route 66, and more.
Comes with the cases and good quality artworked readable inserts and labeled DVDs (all as shown)
Used on my DVD player. Tested and plays well (guaranteed) Good Video Quality.
This title comes with no menu or subtitles (or special features).