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Surveillance Radio
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Miniature 1 Mile FM Wireless RF Transmitter bug with Mini Radio High Gain Snoop. Miniature FM Transmitter "bug" with World's Smallest Radio FM Transmitter capable of picking up sounds at the level of a whisper and transmitting them to any standard FM receiver up to 1 mile away. A HIGH-GAIN Two-Stage Audio Amplifier section provides greater sensitivity than other similar units on the market today. A small tuning capacitor is included to allow easy adjustment to a clear frequency channel in the FM band. All items being offered here are in used condition, have been tested and working. Being offered here AS-IS. Batteries not included. Mini radio is being offered with transmitter here, but regular stereo/radio may be preferred (when tuning transmitter or listening in on noisy environments for example). What you will receive: Transmitter. Receiver (missing soft ear cushion). Receiver ear clip. Instructions for using the FM receiver. Handy durable carrying case with necklace rope/carrying strap. WIRELESS TRANSMITTER FEATURES: Adjustable from 88 to 108 MHZ. Super Sensitive Microphone, hear every sound in entire room. Powerful 2-Stage Audio Amplifier. Use with any FM receiver. Powered by 9 Volt battery. 88-108 MHZ FM RECEIVER FEATURES: Worlds smallest FM radio (when purchased). As small as a hearing aid. Weighs less than 1/4 oz. Digital Touch Tuning. Powered by (2) #392 batteries (button cell watch type). Free-Shipping World-Wide on this item.