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1930s Vintage Knitting Patterns Book

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Minerva, Volume No. 38, 1934, 55
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7 books with fashion patterns.
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A prevue of a celebrated Parisian atelier. Minerva
hands are making swift notes. Afternoon tea on the Rivera and again
the trend is noted. The castle of a baroness at Nuremberg - a
stitch known to this aristocratic family for centuries joins the
Minerva family. An exclusive Palm Beach club and the fashion's
leaders contribute their part.
Lovely outfits for women including 3-piece suits,
sweater and skirt sets, dresses, blouses, coats, hats, jackets,
cardigans and pullovers, plus a wonderful lacey knit bridal gown.
All are knit except for two; some have crocheted edging. All are
size 16. Change size by changing needle size or yarn thickness. I
have added two pages from another Minerva book which are
Measurement Charts.
Marina Wedding Bells gown - cobwebby lace design
knitted on large needles
Cavalcade - 2-piece suit and blouse
Regency - 2-piece dress and hat
Empire - 1-piece boucle dress
Benedictine - boucle tunic dress
Aurora - lustre crepe dress
Laurel - 2-piece silver crepe dress and boucle
Cascade - lustre flake dress
Glengary - 2-piece suit, coat and hat
Harlequin - 3-piece lustre wool suit
Coronado - Crocheted dress
Argyle - Twin sweater and skirt
Gordon - 3-piece suit
Douglas - 3-piece jiffy suit
Sherwood - 2-piece costume
Cosmopolitan - 2-piece dress
Richmond - twin sweater suit
Ferncliff - 3-piece silver crepe suit and
Romany - (filet) sunback dress, bolero and
Catalina - beach ensemble (shorts, halter,
The Ideal - 2-piece lace dress
2 blouses
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