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Minerva Style Book 33

1930s Vintage Knitting Patterns Book
PDF Reproduction

Minerva, Volume No. 33, 1934, 55
Outfits for spring for women
including suits, sweater and skirt sets, dresses, blouses, coats,
hats, jackets, cardigans and pullovers, plus a wonderful lacey
evening gown and jacket.
All are knit except for two. Size 16
- 18. Change size by changing needle size or yarn thickness. I have
added two pages from another Minerva book which are Measurement
* Alora Evening Gown and Jacket
* Ballina Two Piece Suit and Hat
* Caldera Twin Set, Cardigan, Blouse, Skirt and Beret
* Denain Woven Dress.
* Fontenay Three Piece Suit
* Geryville Crocheted Coat
* Saturna Vicuna Twin Set
* Hardwicke Two Piece Dress
* Nottawa One or Two Piece Lace Dress
* Palomas Tunic Dress and Hat
* Sabana Sport Coat and Beret
* Hereford Beach Ensemble, Bathing Suit Blouse, Skirt and
* Tabora Olympic Sport Suit and Beret
* Vinay Three Piece Boucle Suit and Beret
* Bedford Two Piece Suit
* Zamora Russian Tunic
* Digby Vicuna Sun Back Dress and Bolero
* Frenda Two Piece Sport Dress
* Giraldo Two Piece suit and Beret
* Holmfield Three Piece Boucle Suit
* Padua Boucle Blouse
* Milana Crocheted Blouse
* Kilberry Turtle Neck Sweater
* Gainford Blouse and Cap

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