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Part 1
VH1 Behind The Music:

We're just four lucky fans that got together and started playing; this could be you, says James Hetfield, co-founder of Metallica, which built its success on an uncompromising musical vision and the fierce loyalty of its fans. For Metallica, hard rock meant playing hard, on-stage and off. Their drinking became the stuff of legend, and the rock press dubbed them "Alcoholica."

Amid the mayhem, the most popular heavy metal band in the world endured its share of hardship and tragedy, including the death of bassist Cliff Burton and an on-stage accident in which Hetfield suffered serious second and third degree burns. "Metallica: Behind The Music" charts their rise from garage band to global stadium phenomenon, always on their own terms.
Part 2
VH1 When METALLICA Ruled The World

Even people who don't know heavy metal know Metallica. Always controversial, always outspoken, always uncompromising; Metallica rose from obscurity to take over the world of heavy metal and become the 7th biggest selling act in American history. Now VH1 has produced the ultimate no holds barred oral history of
Metallica: When Metallica Ruled The World.

This one hour long documentary will take you through the band's tumultuous 24 year history and give you the real story behind their recent ups and downs, including James Hetfield's battle with alcohol, Jason Newsted's resignation, and the bands subsequent journey into therapy.

When Metallica Ruled The World tells the tale of the world's most dangerous band through the people who lived it. It brings you inside the nearly three decades of dramatic success,drunken debauchery and tragic setbacks that have made
Metallica one of Rock and Roll's greatest stories.
Comes in sleeve only, with cover artwork emailed on request. Features full interactive menus with scene selections. Excellent footage which runs for approx 110 mins. A must for fans!

This DVD-R is region free and will play in almost all -/+r disc players, so please ensure that you can view both PAL / NTSC formats as I will not be responsible if it does not play.

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