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Hand Knit Socks
Vintage Knitting Patterns Book
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Beehive Series No. 37, c 1940s, 29 pages

Vintage patterns for men's socks knit on 4 needles for dress and sports wear: diamonds, stripes and diagonals, monotone socks using cable and small stitch patterns, and heavy sports socks. All are knit from instructions, no charts. In addition, there is a section on the Aladdin Heel. Using this heel, you can replace a worn out heel without unravelling the foot. The length of leg to bottom of heel flap for all socks is 13 1/2 inches, except as noted.

* Diversion
* Detour
* Fancy Rib
* Cable
* Check
* Harlequin
* Double Check
* Plain Ankle sock
* Ribbed Ankle sock (cuff) (6 in.)
* Heavy Sports sock (9 1/2 in.)
* Trophy
* Highlander
* Kinsman
* Clansman
* Summer Length A B (8 1/2 in.)
* Ribbed Sock
* Plain sock with Ribbed back
* Chevron
* Cavalier
* Woodsman (18 1/2 in.)
* Winner

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