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Check out this cool DVD blast from the past, a retrospective of
the "Baddest & Best Moments" from the irresistible 90's trash
is hosted by "Jo," well rather her alter-ego.
Daphne Zuniga presents a look at twenty of the
greatest moments in the show's history. Executive producers
Aaron Spelling and Darren Star make a special appearance to
introduce the number one clip.
20. "Animal Attraction" - Jake and Amanda have sex for the
first time. (No Bed of Roses)
19. "Caught With Your Pants Down" - Billy tries to sneak out
of Amanda's apartment after an ill-advised one-night stand. (Under
the Mistletoe)
18. "Amanda's Revenge" - Amanda tortures psycho pervert Ted
Ryan. (Psycho Therapy)
17. "Jake vs. Billy" - Jake punches Billy at his bachelor
party. (With This Ball and Chain)
16. "Sydney's New Career" - Prostitute Sydney encounters a
client with unusual interests. (Duet for One)
15. "Sydney's Rock Bottom" - Sydney strips at Billy's
bachelor party. (Devil With the G-String On)
14. "Amanda vs. Alison" - Amanda seeks revenge on Alison for
telling Jake that she cheated on him. (Devil With the G-String On)
13. "Billy Proposes" - Billy proposes to Alison. (Swept Away)
12. "A Brief Engagment" - Michael and Kimberly get engaged,
but then get into a terrible car crash. (Collision Course)
11. "Grand Theft, Baby" - Kimberly steals Jo's baby. (The
Doctor That Rocks the Cradle)
10. "Jeffrey's Got a Secret" - Jeffrey reveals to Matt that
he is a Naval officer. (Arousing Suspicions)
9. "Daddy's Little Girl" - Just before her wedding, Alison
realizes that her father molested during her childhood. (Till Death
Do Us Part (2))
8. "Love Hurts" - Jo kills Reed in self-defense. (Swept Away)
7. "What Goes Around Comes Around" - Jane confronts Kimberly
about her affair with Michael. (Suspicious Minds)
6. "Honey, I'm Home" - Michael regains his memory, humiliates
Sydney, and confronts Kimberly about her attempt on his life.
(Grand Delusions)
5. "The Catfight" - Jane and Sydney fight over a wedding
dress in the pool. (Otherwise Engaged)
4. "Fire & Water" - Brittany blows up Jake's boat. (Grand
3. "Amanda & Billy: The First Time" - Amanda and Billy
have sex for the first time. (My New Partner)
2. "Right Here. Right Now!" - Amanda and Jake have sex on a
desk. (Love, Mancini-Style)
1. "A Most Shocking Revelation" - Kimberly removes her wig to
reveal a nasty scar on the side of her head. (The Bitch Is
As an added bonus, check out the news report from 1999 which
details the airing of the
series finale... well, that was until is was
resurrected this season on the CW!
Get schooled on all of the MP history and enjoy a trip back
in time with this amazing vintage DVD!