Item Description
Meet Me In
St. Louis
on DVD from
TV April 23,
Complete with original commercials
With a cast even better
than the great movie.
Jane Powell in the Judy
Garland role

(okay, that's not as
good, but close, you have to admit)
Tab Hunter in the Tom
Drake role
you have to admit
Tabs better.
Myrna Loy in the Mary
Astor role

(that's a tie)
Walter Pidgeon in
-that's an
Patti Duke in the
Margaret O'Brien role
(arguable, but
Patti's got a real Oscar and a hit TV series)
Jeanne Crain

in the role of that
woman whose name I can't even remember, so Jeanne wins.
Anyway, it's those great
songs and that great script and it's just as touching as the movie
and even more amazing as it's live on DVD! I happily accept paypal - Just click on the credit card logo.