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You are bidding on a cool DVD of some of the rarest 1991-1992 video moments from POP SUPERSTAR MADONNA! Included in this jam-packed 2 hour DVD are:

MTV NEWS, CNN and ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT reports about Madonna filming her controversial film project BODY OF EVIDENCE (including the Portland press conference where she receives the key to the city with co-star Willem DaFoe), HARD COPY and MTV NEWS reports of Madonna's top-secret photography project in Miami (later known as SEX), two episodes of the talk show MAURY POVICH (panelists include Madonna's brother Mario Ciccone, Blond Ambition Tour back-up dancers Kevin Stea and Oliver Crummes who are suing Madonna over the TRUTH OR DARE documentary, as well as MADONNA UNAUTHORIZED biographer Christopher Anderson, A CERTAIN SACRIFICE director Stephen Jon Lewicki, and Madonna's one-time friend Erica Bell). The panelists and audience discuss Madonna's controversial effect on the world and the behind-the-scenes
machinations of TRUTH OR DARE. (Sadly this is not the entire broadcast and parts are missing.)

Also included on this DVD are multiple ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT and E! NEWS reports of Madonna accepting the "Award of Courage" at the Glitter & Be Giving AmFar Benefit in Los Angeles (presented by Luke Perry!), MTV NEWS, E! NEWS and ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT year-end wrap-ups of all things 1991 (with much mention of Madonna and TRUTH OR DARE), E! NEWS and CNN reports about Woody Allen's 1992 film SHADOWS & FOG (in which Madonna plays and acrobat), and ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT's wrap-up of the 1992 Academy Awards (with Madonna present at the annual Spago party.)

If that wasn't enough, this DVD also includes early reports from HARD COPY, CNN and ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT about Madonna filming A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, MTV NEWS reports about Madonna's vocal contributions to Jose & Luis' 1992 single "Queen's English" and her promo commercial to promote awareness of Global Warming (with musician Seal), Madonna checking out the film ARTICLE 99 with Alek Kesheshian AND Madonna's triumphant appearance on Saturday Night Live as "Liz Rosenberg" on "Coffee Talk." (This skit of course stars Mike Myers as "Linda Richman," but also features Roseanne Barr and Barbra Streisand in a last-minute

If you do not have this on DVD yet - now is the time! This is a lot of rare Winter 1991 - Spring 1992 footage of MADONNA! MADONNA! MADONNA!

While much of this footage is in GOOD to VERY GOOD condition, some of this footage was originally taped onto VHS in LP or SLP and therefore, not the best quality. Please let us know if you have any questions.