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Little Fauss and Big Halsy
Little Fauss, an amateur motorcycle racer, meets Halsy
Knox, a professional racer, after a race held near Phoenix,
Arizona. Fauss is attracted to Halsy's carefree lifestyle, but
Fauss's father regards Halsy as a bad influence on his son and
refuses to help Halsy when his truck breaks down. Later, Halsy
arrives at the motorcycle repair shop where Fauss works and tricks
the admiring Fauss into repairing his motorcycle free. Halsy, who
has been barred from racing for drinking on the track, proposes
that they form a partnership in which Halsy would race under
Fauss's name with Fauss functioning as the mechanic. Despite his
parents' disapproval, Fauss joins Halsy on the racing circuit. He
is constantly faced with his inferiority to Halsy, both on and off
the racetrack. Their partnership is finally broken when Rita
Nebraska, a drop-out from a wealthy background, arrives at the
racetrack and immediately attaches herself to Halsy, despite the
attention Fauss pays her. After breaking his leg in a motorcycle
race, Fauss returns home to his parents. Several months later, when
his leg has mended, Halsy visits him and attempts to leave behind
Rita, who is now pregnant, but Fauss refuses to take her. He tells
Halsy that he plans to reenter the racing circuit. A short time
later, the two men race against each other at the Sears Point
International Raceway; Halsy's motorcycle breaks down, and as he
leaves the track, he hears the announcement that Fauss has taken
the lead.

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