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– This Italian erotic comedy from
director Ferdinando Baldi takes place almost entirely on a train!
Sexual tensions erupt in tight quarters and the female cast tries
unsuccessfully to remain clothed in this rare European drool-fest.
And what a cast!! Annie Belle, Anna Maria Rizzoli, Marisa Mell,
Marina Hedman(Marina Frajese) and Moana Pozzi (Anna Maria Pozzi)
all have their turns at shedding their clothes; however, it’s
newcomer Serena Grandi (making her second film appearance) who
steals the show as a young soon-to-be-wed virgin who finds herself
in a compromising situation with the wrong man. This is a NTSC
Region-Free DVD-R and features the uncut Italian-language
version from a very good VHS-quality print. DVD-R comes in a white paper sleeve.
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