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Krush Groove OST Run dmc Chaka Kahn Fat Boys
This is the special edition version of the 80's cult movie soundtrack "Krush Groove". Like new! Track list: 1. (Krush Groove) Can´t stop the street - Performed by Chaka Khan (05:11) 2. I can't live without my radio - Performed by LL Cool J (04:24) 3. If I ruled the world - Performed by Kurtis Blow (06:18) 4. All you can eat - Performed by Fat Boys (03:26) 5. Feel the spin - Performed by Debbie Harry (04:01) 6. Holly Rock - Performed by Holly Rock (04:56) 7. She´s on it - Performed by Beastie boys (03:30) 8. Love triangle - Performed by Gap Band (04:46) 9. Tender love - Performed by Force M.D.´s (03:58) 10. Krush Groovin´ - Performed by Fat Boys, Run-D.M.C, Sheila E., Kurtis Blow (The Krush Groove All Stars) (05:05) Bonus Tracks: 11. If I ruled the world-Extended - Performed by Kurtis Blow (07:06) 12. Can't stop the street-instrumental - Performed by Chaka Khan (05:09) 13. I can't live without my radio - Extended - Performed by LL Cool J (07:04) 14. If I ruled the world-Instrumental - Performed by Kurtis Blow (07:10) 15. Krush Groovin´ - Full version - Performed by The Krush Groove All Stars (06:13)
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