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Korean with English SubitleDescription: Yesasia/Retail = Removiable subs        Fansub/TV Rips=Not removableListed below with Title/#of Episdoes/Quality/Sub Quality1 18 Vs 29 (1~~16) B/B‐ Fansub2 A Love To Kill ( 1~~16) A‐ Fansub3 A Man Called God (1~~24) A‐ Fansub $254 A Man's Story'09/ Story of A Man/The Sling Shot (1~~20) A YesAsia5 A Thousand Years of Love (1~~20) A Fansub6 A Witch In Love aka Witch Amusement (Witch Yoo‐Hee) (1~~16) A YesAsia (SBS)7 Age of Innocence (1~~16) B Fansub8 Air City (1~~16)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)9 All About Eve (1~~16)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)10 All In* (1~~24)+ Sp A YesAsia (SBS)11 Alone In Love‐Premium Package (1~~16)+ Sp A YesAsia $2512 Aquarius'06 (1~120) A/B KBFDTV Rip $5013 Attic Cat (1~~16) A YesAsia (YA)14 Auction House (1~~12) A‐ FanSub15 Autumn In My Heart (1~~16) A YesAsia (YA)16 Bad Couple (1~~16) A‐ FanSub17 Bad Family (1~~16) A‐ Fansub18 Bad Guy 2010 (1~~17) A‐ Fansub19 Bad Guy (aka: Robber) (1~~16) A YesAsia (SBS)20 Bad Love (1~~20)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)21 Bad Wife (1~~18)+ Sp A YesAsia (Bitwin)22 Be Strong, Geum‐soon Volume 1 of 4 (1~~41)+ Sp A (YesAsia‐YA)23 Be Strong, Geum‐soon Volume 2 of 4 (42~~82)+ Sp A (YesAsia‐YA)24 Be Strong, Geum‐soon Volume 3 of 4 (83~~123)+ Sp A (YesAsia‐YA)25 Be Strong, Geum‐soon Volume 4 of 4 (124~~164)+ Sp A (YesAsia‐YA)26 Beating Heart (1~~6) A‐ Fansub27 Beautiful Days ( 1~~20) A YesAsia ( YA)28 Beethoven Virus'08 (1~~18)+ Sp A YesAsia29 Bichummu (korean) (1~~14) B Fansub30 Billie Jean Look At Me (1~~16) A‐ Fansub31 (The) Birth of the Rich (1~~20) A‐ Fansub32 Blue Fish (1~~16) B KBFD TV Rip33 Body Guard (1~~22) + Sp A Yesasia34 Boys Before Flowers'09 (1~~25) + Sp* A (YesAsia)35 Breathless (Running Away from Dream) (1~~16) B‐ Fansub36 Cain and Abel'09 (1~~20) + Sp A YesAsia37 Cain and Abel'09 /Dr. Stop (1~20) A Fansub38 Capital Scandal (1~~16) A‐ Fansub39 Chuno aka The Slave Hunter (1~~24) A‐ Fansub40 (The) City Hall'09 (1~~20) A YesAsia (SBS) $2541 (The) City Hall'09 (1~~20) A‐ Fansub42 Cinderella Man'09 (1~~16) + Sp A YesAsia43 Cinderella's Sister (1~~20) A‐ Fansub44 Cloud Stairway (1~~16) A‐ Fansub45 Coffee House 2010 (1~~18) A‐ Fansub46 Come Back Soon‐Ae (1~~16) A‐ Fansub47 Comrades 2010 (1~~20) A‐ Fansub48 Conspiracy in the Court‐Director's Cut aka Seoul's Sad Song aka (1~~8) + Sp A YesAsia (KBS Media)49 Country Princess‐The Funny Wild Girl (1~~17) + Sp A YesAsia (YA)50 Crazy For You (1~~16) A‐ Fansub51 Creating Destiny (1~~31) Fansub $3552 Dae Jang Geum (Jewel In Palace)I (1~~18) A YesAsia (YA)53 Dae Jang Geum (Jewel In Palace)II (19~~36) A YesAsia (YA)54 Dae Jang Geum ( Jewel In Palace)III ( 37~~54) A YesAsia ( YA)55 DaeMang (two episode w/o subs) (1~~26) B Fansub / TV Rip $2056 Dalja's Spring aka Spring of Dalja (1~~22) A‐ Fansub57 Damo (1~~14) A YesAsia (YA)58 Dating Now (1~~16) A YesAsia (SBS)59 Dasepo Girl Limited Edtion (superaction TV Series) (1~~??) A YesAsia (Bitwin)60 (The) Devil (1~~20)+ Sp A YesAsia (ENE Media)61 Did We Really Love?? I (1~~24) A YesAsia (YA)62 Did We Really Love?? II (25~~44) A YesAsia (YA)63 Don't Ask Me About The Past '08 (1~~16) A‐ Fansub64 Dr. Gang ( 1~~16) A‐ Fansub65 Dream'09 (1~~20) A Fansub66 East Of Eden Vol 1 (1~~25) + Sp* A YesAsia $2567 East Of Eden Vol 2 (26~~56) + Sp* A YesAsia $2568 Empress Chun Chu (1~~78) A‐/B Fansub $5069 Evasive Investigative Agency ( 1~~16) A‐ Fansub70 Eye of the Dawn (1~~36) A YesAsia $3571 The Family Of Honor/Family Honor (1~54) A/B KBFDTV Rip $4072 Family Honor / Glory of Family Volume 1 (1~54) A YesAsia $2573 Family Honor / Glory of Family Volume 2 (1~54) A YesAsia $2574 Fantasy Couple‐/Director's cut /Trouble or Couple (1~~16) + Sp A YesAsia‐MBC75 Fantasy Couple aka Trouble or Couple (1~~16) A‐ Fansub76 ( The) 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince ( 1~~17) + Sp A YesAsia77 Flowers for My Life (1~~16) A‐ Fansub78 Forbiddenn Love aka Tale of a Nine‐Tailed Fox (1~~16) A YesAsia (Bitwin)79 Forever Yours (1~~16) + Sp A YesAsia (SBS)80 Four Gods aka The Story of the First King Four Gods aka The (1~~24) A‐/B Fansub81 Four Sisters (1~~20) A YesAsia (YA)82 FREEZE (1~~5) A YesAsia (E&E Media)83 Friend 2002 Mini Series (1~~4) A Fansub $584 Friend, Our Legend'09 aka Friend, The Untold Story (1~~20) A Fansub85 Full House (1~~16) A‐ FanSub86 Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung (1~~16) A‐ FanSub87 Glass Slippers aka Glass Shoes Vol I (1~~21) A YesAsia (YA)88 Glass Slippers aka Glass Shoes Vol II 22~~40 + Sp A YesAsia (YA)89 God of Study aka Master of Study (1~~16) A‐ Fansub90 Golden Bride (1~~64) A‐ Fansub $5091 Goodbye My Love ( 1~~16) A YesAsia92 Goodbye Solo‐Limited Edition (1~~16) + Sp A Official KBS Retail93 Goong aka Palace (1~~24) A‐ Fansub94 Goong aka Palace (1~~24)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)95 Goong S (1~~16) A‐ Fansub96 Gourmet Chef Vol I ( 1~12) A YesAsia97 Gourmet Chef Vol II (13~24) + Sp A YesAsia98 Great Inheritance (1~~17) A‐ FanSub99 The Great Merchant Kim Mandeok (1~~30) A‐/B‐ KBS TV Rip $30100 The Great Merchant Kim Mandeok (1~~30) A‐ Fansubbed $30101 ( The) Great Queen Seon Duk 2010 Vol I ( 1~?) A YesAsia ( YA)102 (The) Great Queen Seon Duk 2010 Vol II ? A YesAsia (YA)103 (The) Great Queen Seon Duk 2010 Vol III (?~60) A YesAsia (YA)104 Queen Seon Duk 2010 (1~60) A‐ Fansub $40105 Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child (1~~16) A‐ Fansub106 Hanoi Bride Mini Series ? A YesAsia $5107 Happiness'08/I'm Happy (1~~58) A‐ FanSub $40108 Happy Together (1~~16) + Sp A YesAsia (YA)109 Harvest Villa (1~~16) A‐ Fansub110 Hateful But Once Again'09 (1~24) A‐ Fansub111 Heading To The Ground'09 (1~~16) A‐ Fansub112 Heaven's Tree Tree Of Heaven (1~~10) A/A‐ Fansub113 Hello God (1~~16) A~~B‐ Fansub114 Hello Miss! (1~~16) A‐ Fansub115 Hero (1~~16) A‐ Fansub116 H.I.T.'09 (Homicide Investigation Team) (1~~20) A YesAsia Malaysia117 High As The Sky, Wide As The Earth'07 /As Much as Heaven (1~165) B‐ TV Rip $50118 Hong Gil Dong (1~~24) + Sp B Fansub119 Hot Blood (1~~20) A‐ Fansub120 Hotelier (1~~20) A YesAsia (YA)121 How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor (1~~20) A‐/B Fansub122 Hur Jun VOL I of IV (1~~18) A MBC‐KDT America Retail123 Hur Jun VOL II of IV ( 19~~36) A MBC‐KDT America Retail124 Hur Jun VOL III of IV (37~~51) A MBC‐KDT America Retail125 Hur Jun VOL IV of IV (52~~64) A MBC‐KDT America Retail126 Hwang Jin Yi (1~~26) A‐ Fansub127 Hyena'08 (1~~16) A‐ FanSub128 I Am Your Teacher ( I'm Sam) ( 1~16) B Fansub129 I Am Sorry I Love You‐Director's Cut* (1~~16) + Sp A YesAsia (Bitwin)130 I Am Sorry I Love You (1~~16) A MBC‐KDT America Retail131 I Love You aka Saranghae (1~~16)+ Sp A (YesAsia‐YA)132 I Really Really Like You V.I (1~~18)+ Sp A (YesAsia‐YA)133 I Really Really Like You V.II ( 19~~34)+ Sp A ( YesAsia‐YA)134 Ice Girl (She is back) (1~~16) A (YesAsia‐YA)135 If in love, Like Them (1~~4) A‐ Fansub $5136 Iljimae'08 (1~~20) + Sp A YesAsia137 Iljimae'08 (1~~20) A‐ Fansub138 Immortal Admiral Lee Soon Shin Vol. 1 ( 1~~18) A YesAsia‐‐KBS‐Sidus CNI139 Immortal Admiral Lee Soon Shin Vol. 2 (19~~33) + Sp A YesAsia‐KBS‐Sidus CNI140 Immortal Lee Soon Shin KBFD (quality watchable/bad) (1~~104) B‐/C KBFD $40141 In Soon Is Pretty (1~~16) A‐ Fansub142 Inside the White Tower (1~~16)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)143 ( The) Infamous Chili Sisters ( 1~~80) B KBFD TV Rip $60144 Into the Sun (1~~20)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)145 Into the Sunlight (1~~16) A (YesAsia‐YA)146 Invincible Lee Pyung Kang (1~~16) A Fansub147 Ireland (1~~16) + Sp A Official MBC‐KDT America148 Iris'09 (1~~20) A YesAsia149 Iris'09 (1~~20) A Fansub150 JeJoongWon 2010 (1~~36) A‐ Fansub $35151 Job Well Done'09 (1~~40) A Fansub $30152 Jolly Widows (1‐150) A‐ Fansub $50153 Jumong Vol. I (1~~20) + Sp A (YesAsia‐YA)154 Jumong Vol. II (21~~40)+ Sp A (YesAsia‐YA)155 Jumong Vol. III ( 44~~61) A ( YesAsia‐YA)156 Jumong Vol. IV (62~~81) + Sp A (YesAsia‐YA)157 KimChee Raddish Cubes (1~~45) A‐ Fansub $45158 (The) King & I‐Vo.l I (1~21) A (YesAsia)159 (The) King & I‐Vol II (22~42) A (YesAsia)160 ( The) King & I‐Vol III ( 43~63) A ( YesAsia)161 King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo (1~~30) A‐ Fansub $35162 Kingdom of the Wind'08~09 VOl I & II (1~36) A (YesAsia) $40163 Korean Secret Agency (1~~16) A‐ Fansub164 Kuk Hee (1~~16) A YesAsia (YA)165 La Dolce Vita/The Sweet Life'08 (1~~24) A‐ Fansub166 Last Scandal'08 (1~~16) + Sp A (YesAsia)167 Lawfirm (1~~16) A YesAsia(SBS)168 Lawyers (1~~16) A YesAsia169 Legends of Love (1~~24) B KBFD Rip170 Life is Beautiful (1~~16) B KBFD TV Rip171 Likable or Not/I Hate You, But It's Fine (1~~172) A‐/B‐ KBS TV Rip $50172 Lobbyist (1~~24) A‐ Fansub173 Love & Marriage' (1~~16) A‐ FanSub174 Love & Obsession (1~~150) A‐ KBS TV Rip $50175 Love in Heaven/Dear Heaven/Givning Sky (1~~85) A PMP Retail $50176 Love Letter (1~~16) A YesAsia (YA)177 Love Need Miracled (1~~20) A RETAIL $35178 Love Rollercoaster (1~~34) A‐ TV Rip179 Love Story in Harvard (1~~18)+ Sp A YesAsia (SBS)180 Loveholic (1~~16) A YesAsia181 Lovers In Paris (1~~20) A Fansub182 Lovers In Prague (1~~18)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)183 Lovers In Prague (1~~18) A‐ Fansub184 Loving You (1~~12)+ Sp A YesAsia (Bitwin)185 Loving You (1~~12) A‐ Fansub186 M (1~~10) + Sp A YesAsia (YA)187(The) Man Who Can't Get Married'09 (1~~16) A‐/B Fansub188 Marrying A Millionaire (To Mary A Millionaire) (1~~16) A YesAsia (SBS)189 (The) Money's War Under War Of Money (1~~20) A Fansub190 Ms. Kim’s Million Dollar Quest (2004) (1~~16) A Fansub191 More Beautiful Than A Flower (1~~30) A YesAsia (BitWin) $25192 My Country Calls 2010 (1~~16) A Fansub193 My Destiny (1~~26) A YesAsia194 Mr. Duke (1~~16) + Sp A YesAsia(YA)195 Mr. Goodbye (1~~16) + Sp A YesAsia(YA)196 My Fair Lady'09 /Take Care of Agasshi/Lady Castle (1~16) A‐ Fansub197 My Fair Lady'2003 (1~16) A‐ Fansub198 My Girl (1~~16) + Sp A YesAsia (YA)199 My Girl (1~~16) A‐ Fansub200 My Love Patzzi* (1~~10) A YesAsia (PMP)201 My Lovely Fool (1~~16) + Sp A YesAsia (YA)202 My Lovely Sam‐Soon (1~~16) + Sp A YesAsia (YA)203 My Sister In Law is 19 (1~~16) A‐/B+ Fansub204 New Heart'07 (1~~23) A Official SBS Retail205 Next aka Rebirth (1~~14) A Offical MBC‐KDT America206 9 End 2 Outs (1~~16) A‐ Fansub207 90 Days A Time to Love (1~~16) A YesAsia208 Oasis (1~~3) A Fansub $5209 Oh! My Lady! (1~~16) A‐ Fansub210 Oh! Pil Seung* (1~~16) + Sp A YesAsia (BitWin)211 On Air'08 (1~~24)+ Sp A YesAsia212 1% Of Anything (1~~26) A‐ Fansub213 One Fine Day (1~~16)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)214 101st Proposal (1~~16) B/B‐ Fansub215 Only You (1~~16) + Sp A SBS RETAIL216 Only You (1~~16) + Sp A YesAsia (SBS)217 Palace aka Goong (1~~24)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)218 Painter Of The Wind'08 (1~16??) A YesAsia219 Partners (1~~16) A‐ Fansub220 Pasta (1~~20) A‐ Fansub221 (The) Person I love (1~~20) A‐ Fansub222 Personal Taste (1~~16) A‐ Fansub223 Phoenix (1~~26)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)224 Piano* (1~~16) A‐/B+ Fansub225 Pick the Star aka Wish Upon A Star (1~~20) A‐ Fansub226 Powerful Opponents/Rivals (1~~16) A‐ Fansub227 Prince's First Love (1~~18) A‐ YesAsia (YA)228 Princess Ja Myung Go'09 (1~~39) A‐/B+ KBS TV Rip $30229 Princess Ja Myung Go'09 (1~~39) A YesAsia $45230 Prosecutor Princess 2010 (1~~16) A‐ Fansub231 Que Sera Sera (1~~17) A‐ FanSub232 Queen Of Housewives'09 2 (1~20) A‐ Fansub233 Queen Of The Game (1~~20) A‐ YesAsia (YA)234(The) Queen Returns'09 (1~~16) A KBS World TV Rip235 (The) Reputable Family (1~~16) A KBS World TV Rip236 Rays of Sunshine aka. Shining Days (1~~16) A TV Rip237 (The) Reputable Family (1~16) A‐/B TV Rip238 Return of Iljimae'09 (1~24) A‐ Fansub239 Revenge‐ Director's Cut (1~~24)+ Sp A YesAsia (Bitwin)240 Romance (1~~22)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)241 Rules Of Love (1~~16) A‐ Fansub242 Ruler of Your Own World ? A‐ Fansub $40243 Sad Love Story aka Sad Love Song (1~~20)+ Sp A YesAsia (Bitiwn)244 Salt Doll / Victim Of Love (1~~20) A YesAsia Malay245 Sandglass (1~~24) A YesAsia (YA)246 Sang Doo, Let's Go To School (1~~16)+ Sp A YesAsia (BitWin)247 Sassy Girl Chunghyaung (1~~16) A YesAsia248 Save The Last Dance For Me (1~~20)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)249 Save The Last Dance For Me (1~~20) A Fansub250 Scent of a Man (1~~18) A‐ KBFD Rip251 Second Proposal (1~~22) A YesAsia (BitWin)252 Secret (1~~18) A YesAsia (YA)253 Secret Lovers (1~~20) A MBC‐KDT America Retail254 Seo Dong Yo Vol. 1 (1~~21) A YesAsia (E&E Media)255 Seo Dong Yo Vol. 2 (22~~38) A YesAsia (E&E Media)256 Seo Dong Yo Vol. 3 (39~~55) + Sp A YesAsia (E&E Media)257 Seoul 1945'06 (1~70) B‐ TV Rip $45258 Shining Inheritance (1~28) A‐/B Fansub $25259 Should My Tears Show (1~~16) B KBFD TV Rip260 Shoot For The Stars (1~~16)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)261 Single and Fabulous (1~~16) B TV Rip262 Single Dad In Love'08 aka Single Papa (1~~16) A‐ FanSub263 Smile Again (1~~16) A‐ Fansub264 Smile You (1~~45) A‐ Fansub $45265 Snow Flower (1~~16) A‐ Fansub266 Snow in August (1~~20)+ Sp A‐ Fansub267 Snow Queen (1~~16)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)268 Snow White aka Taste Sweet Love'04 (1~~16) A‐ Fansub269 Some Like It Hot 2000 (1~~17) B TV‐Rip270 Something Happened In Bali (1~~20)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)271 Sons of Sol Pharmacy (1~~54) A‐/B KBS‐TV Rip $30272 Soul (1~~10) A‐ Fansub273 Soulmate (1~~12) A‐ Fansub274 Spring Days (1~~20) A YesAsia275 Spring Waltz (1~~20) A‐ Fansub276 Stained Glass (1~~16) A YesAsia277 Stairway to Heaven (1~~16) A YesAsia278 Star In My Heart aka Wish Upon A Star (1~~16)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)279 Star's Lover'09 (1~~20) A‐ Fansub280 Steal My Heart (1~~16) A YesAsia281 Stock Flower (1~~20) B TV‐Rip $25282 Strike Love (1~~16) A‐ Fansub283 Strongest Chil Woo'08 (1~~20) A‐ Fansub284 Style (1~~16) A‐ FanSub285 Successful Story Of A Bright Girl (1~~16) A YesAsia (PMP)286 Suddenly'06 /One Day Suddenly (1~20) A/B KBFDTV Rip287 Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (1~~18) A YesAsia288 Summer Scent (1~~20)+ Sp A YesAsia289 Summer Scent (1~~20)+ Sp A PMP Retail290 Sun Flower (1~~16) B+/‐ KBFD Rip291 Super Rookie (1~~20)+ Sp A YesAsia (PMP)292 Swallow The Sun'09 (1~~25) + Sp A Fansub293 Sweet 18 (1~~16) A YesAsia (Bitwin)294 Sweet Spy (1~~20) A YesAsia295 Sweet Spy (1~~20) A‐ Fansub296 Tamra's Island (1~~20) A YesAsia297 Tazza (1~~16) A‐ Fansub298 Tell Me You Love Me aka Say You Love Me (1~~15) A YesAsia299 Temptation of An Angel (1~~21) A Fansub300 Temptation of Eve ? A YesAsia301 Temptation of Wife / Lure (1~~129) B TV Rip $50302 Terroir'08 (1~~20) A‐ FanSub303 Thank You (1~~16) A FanSub304 That Fool'09/Just Looking 2 (1~16) A‐ Fansub305 That Fool'09/Accidental Couple (1~16) A YesAsia306 30K Miles In Search of My Son (1~~21) A‐ TV Rip307 Thousand Years of Love* (1~~20) A FanSub308 Three Brothers (1~~70) A‐/B KBS World TV Rip $50309 3 Dads 1 Mom'08 (1~~16) B/B‐ Fansub310 3 Leaf Clover (1~~16) B/B‐ Fansub311 Time Between Wolf and Dog (1~~16)+ Sp A‐ YesAisa312 Time Between Wolf and Dog (1~~16) A‐ Fansub313 Time of Wolf and Dog (1~~16) A‐ Fansub314 To Marry A Millionaire (1~~16) A‐ Fansub315 Tomato (1~~16)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)316 Tropical Night In December (1~~17)+ Sp A (Bitwin)317 Truth aka Honesty (1~~16)+ Sp A YesAsia (Bitwin)318 (The) Vineyard Man (1~16) B Fansub319 War of Money (1~~20) A Fansub320 Water Bloom (1~~26) A‐ Fansub $25321 Wedding (1~~18) A‐ FanSub322 What's Up Fox? (1~~16) A‐ Fansub323 When A Man Loves A Woman (1~~16) A‐ Fansub324 When It's At Night'08 (1~~17) A‐ Fansub325 When Spring Comes (1~~16) A‐ WB Fansub326 Which Star Are You From (1~~16)+ Sp A YesAsia (YA)327 Which Star Are You From (1~~16) A‐ Fansub328 Who Are You'08 (1~~17) A‐ Fansub329 Why Did You Come To My House? (1~~20) A‐ Fansub (with typos)330 Will It Snow For Christmas? (1~~16) A‐ Fansub331 Winter Sonata (1~~20) A YesAsia(Bitwin)332 Wise Mother ? A‐ TV ‐ Chinese/English Subs333 Woman Next Door (1~~16) B TV Rip334 Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (1~~16) A‐ Fansub335 Wonderful Life (1~~16) + Sp A YesAsia (YA)336 Worlds With In'08~09 (1~16) + Sp A YesAsia337 Worlds With In'08~09 (1~16) A‐ Fansub338 Yesterday (1~~20) A‐ TV Rip ‐ Arirang339 Yi San VOL I of IV (1~~20) A (YesAsia‐MBC)340 Yi San VOL II of IV ( 21~~40) A ( YesAsia‐MBC)341 Yi San VOL III of IV (41~~60) A (YesAsia‐MBC)342 Yi San VOL IV of IV (61~~77) A (YesAsia‐MBC)343 You Are Beautiful'09 (1~~16) A YesAsia344 You Are Beautiful'09 (1~~16) A Fansub345 You Are My Destiny'08~09/You Are My Life ( 1~178) B KBSWorld TV Rip $50Chinese and Taiwanese Dramas 1 A Change of Destiny (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English2 A Chip from Old Block (1~~21) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English3 A Fistful of Stances (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English4 A Game About Love (1~~27) B/B‐ Fansub5 A Great Way To Care (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English6 A Journey called life (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English7 A Step Into the Past (1~~30) B/B‐ Fansub8 A Threshold of Persona (1~~30) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English9 A Watchdog's Tale (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English10 Always Ready (1~~30) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English11 Always Smile (1~~30) A Yesasia (YA)12 Angels of Mission (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English13 At Dolphin Bay (1~~28) A Retail14 At Home with Love (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English15 Autumn's Concerto (1~~21) A Yesasia (YA)16 Autumn's Concerto (1~~21) A‐ Fansub17 Bars Benders/Tenders (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English18 Beauty of the Game (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English19 Beyond The Realm Of Conscience (1~~33) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English20 Bitter Bitten (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English21 Born Rich (1~~41) A $25 TVB ‐ Cantonese/English22 Bride For A Ride (1~~21) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English23 Brown Sugar Macchiato (1~~13) A‐ Fansub24 Bullfighting (1~~17) A Yesasia (YA)25 Burning Flame 3 (1~~31) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English26 C.I.B. Files (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English27 Catch Me Now (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English28 Chinese Paladin (1~~34) B/B‐ Fansub29 Chinese Paladin (1~~34) A PMP Retail30 Corner of Love (1~~16) A Yesasia (YA)31 Cupid Stupid (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English32 D.I.E (1~~25) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English33 D.I.E. again (1~~25) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English34 Devil Beside You (1~~14) A Yesasia (YA)35 Dance of Passion (1~~32) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English36 Devil's Disciples (1~~25) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English37 Dicey Business (1~~35) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English38 Down With Love Vol 1 and Vol 2 (1~~16) A PMP Retail39 Duke of Mount Deer 2000 (1~~40) A‐ $25 TV Rip40 Duke of Mount Deer 84 (1~~40) A $25 TVB ‐ Cantonese/English41 Easy Fortune Happy Life (1~~17) A $25 Yesasia (YA)42 E.U. (1~~30) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English43 Face to Fate (1~~30) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English44 Family Link (1~~21) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English45 Fated to Love You (1~~24) A Yesasia (YA)46 Flirting Scholar (1~~25) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English47 Forensic Heroes I (1~~25) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English48 Forensic Heroes II (1~~30) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English49 Fox Volant of Snowy Mountain (1~~30) B/B‐ Fansub50 Genius Physician Ti‐Ying (1~~40) A $25 TV Rip51 Glittering Days (1~~30) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English52 Greatness of a Hero (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English53 Guts of Men (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English54 Heart of Greed (1~~40) A $25 TVB ‐ Cantonese/English55 Heaven Sword & the Dragon Sabre 1986 (1~~40) A $35 TVB ‐ Cantonese/English56 Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 1993 (1~~40) A $45 TVB ‐ Cantonese/English57 (The) Herbalist's Manual (1~~25) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English58 Hi My Sweetheart (1~~14) A Yesasia (YA)59 Hi My Sweetheart (1~~14) A‐ Fansub60 Huan Zhu Ge Ge (1~~20) B/B‐ Fansub61 Hot Shots (1~~16) A $30 Fansub62 In The Chamber Of Bliss (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English63 It started with a Kiss (1~~30) A‐ Fansub64 Just Love II (1~~25) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English65 (The) Justice of Life (1~~30) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English66 (The) King of Snooker (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English67 La Femme Desperado (1~~22) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English68 Last One Standing (1~~22) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English69 Lavender (1~~15) A Retail70 Legend of Condor Heroes 2003 (1~~40) A‐ $30 Fansub71 Legend of Condor Heroes 2008 (1~~50) A‐ $30 Fansub138 Tomorrow (1~~40) A $25 Yesasia (YA)139 Twin of Brothers (1~~40) A $25 TVB ‐ Cantonese/English140 Under Canopy of Love (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English141 Wars of In‐Laws (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English142 When A Dog Loves A Cat (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English143 When Dolphin Met Cat (1~~13) A‐ Fansub144 When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West (1~~30) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English145 When Rules Turn to Loose (1~~21) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English146 Why Why Love (1~~15) A Yesasia (YA)147 Wish to See You Again (1~~16) A Yesasia (YA)148 Wong Fei Hung/Master of Kung Fu (1~~25) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English149 Woody Sambo (1~~19) A Yesasia (YA)150 You're Hired (1~~22) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English151 Young Warriors A $40 Taiseng Entertainment152 Your Class or Mine (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English72 Legend of Heavenly Stone (1~~20) A‐/B Fansub73 Lethal Weapon of Love and Passion (1~~40) A $25 TVB ‐ Cantonese/English74 Life of a Freestyle Teenager (1~~3) A $5 Fansub75 Life Art (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English76 Love at First Fight (1~~30) A‐ $30 Fansub77 Love Exchange (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English78 Love Queen (1~~20) A‐ Fansub79 Love Scar (1~~3) A Fansub80 Love Storm (1~~21) A‐ Fansub81 Madam White Snake (1~~30) A‐ $30 Fansub82 Magic A $25 PAL VERSION83 Magical Needle (1~~40) A‐ $25 TV Rip84 Man In Charge (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English85 Master of Taichi (1~~25) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English86 MARS (1~~21) A‐ Fansub87 Mean Girl Ah Chu (1~~24) A‐ Fansub88 Meteor Garden I (1~~27) B/B‐ TV Rip89 Meteor Garden II (1~~31) B/B‐ TV Rip90 Misleading Tracks (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English91 Miss No Good (1~~14) A Yesasia (YA)92 Moonlight Resonance (1~~40) A $25 TVB ‐ Cantonese/English93 Mystery of Love (1~~24) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English94 Pages Of Treasures (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English95 Phoenix Rising (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English96 Return of Condor Heroes 1980? (1~~40) A $50 Yesasia (YA)97 Return of Condor Heroes 1996 (1~~40) A $50 Yesasia (YA)98 Revolving Doors of Vengeance (1~~30) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English99 Rosy Business (1~~25) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English100 Royal Tramp 2008 (1~~50) A‐ $30 Fansub101 Scavenger's Paradise (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English102 Safe Guard (1~~25) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English103 The Season of Fate (1~~25) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English104 Shine on You (1~~30) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English105 Silence (1~~19) A‐ Fansub106 Sisters of Pearl (1~~26) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English107 So I'm Not Handsome (1~~13) A‐ Fansub108 Slicing of the Demon (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English109 Speech of Silence (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English110 Spirit of the Sword (1~~40) B/B‐ $30 Fansub111 Starlit (1~~22) B/B‐ Fansub112 Summer's Desire (1~~13) A‐ Fansub113 Suspects In Love (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English114 Sweet Relationship (1~~20) A Yesasia (YA)115 Sweetness in the Salt (1~~25) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English116 Swordsman I (1~~30) TV Rip117 Swordsman III (1~~20) TV Rip118 Ten Brothers (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English119 The Book and the Sword 2009 (1~~40) A $40 Yesasia (YA)120 The Four (1~~25) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English121 The Gem of Life (1~~82) A $50 TVB ‐ Cantonese/English122 The Money‐Maker Recipe (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English123 The Prince's Shadow (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English124 The Prince of Tennis Season 1 (1~~22) A‐ Fansub125 The Prince Who Turned into a Frog (1~~30) A Yesasia (YA)126 The Proud Twins (1~~40) A‐ $25 TV Rip127 The Silver Chamber of Sorrows (1~~21) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English128 The Seventh Day (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English129 The Stew of Life (1~~30) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English130 The Story of Han Dynasty 2009 (1~~40) A‐ $40 Fansub131 The Switch (1~~40) B/B‐ TV Rip132 The Winter Melon Tale (1~~20) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/English133 The X‐Family (1~~55) A‐ $35 Fansub134 They Kiss Again (1~~20) A‐ Fansub135 Tian Long Ba Bu 2003 (1~~40) A $45 Retail136 ToGetHer (1~~13) A‐ Fansub137 To Grow with Love (1~~21) A TVB ‐ Cantonese/EnglishJapanese Dramas1 Absolute Boyfriend (1~~11) A Retail2 Anego (1~~11) A Retail3 Around 40 (1~~11) A Retail4 Be With You (Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu) (1~~11) A Retail5 Cupid no Itazura (1~~11) A‐ Fansub6 Gachi Baka (1~~11) A Retail7 Gift (1~~11) A Retail8 Good Luck (1~~11) A‐ Fansub9 Hana Yori Dango Part 1 (1~~11) A Retail10 Jin (Japanese Drama) (1~~11) A‐ Fansub11 Koizora (1~~11) A Retail12 Koinu no Waltz (1~~11) A‐ Fansub13 Love 2000 (1~~11) A Retail14 Love Revolution (1~~11) A Retail15 Love Shuffle (1~~11) A Retail16 Married Couple (1~~11) A Retail17 Moto Kare (1~~11) A‐ Fansub18 Nodame Cantabile (1~~11) w/ Sp A‐ Fansub19 Pride (1~~11) A Retail20 Proof of the Man (Ningen No Shoumei) (1~~11) A Retail (Malay)21 Story of One century (1~~3) A‐ Fansub $522 Strawberry on Shortcake (1~~11) A‐ Fansub23 Tokyo Wankei aka Destiny of Love (1~~11) A‐ Fansub24 Who means the most (Taisetsu no hito wa dare) (1~~11) A Retail25 Xenos (1~~12) A‐ Fansub26 Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (1~~10) A‐ FansubORIGINAL BOXSETS †Brand New †In Wraps †No Refund or Exchange †sold as is w/ Chinese and Korean audio To Marry A Millionaire (Subtitles average w/ typos) $25 3 sets available Four Sisters (Good Subtitles) $25 1 sets available My Lovely Samâ€Soon (Average Subtitles) $25 1 sets available Did We Really Love? (Good Subtitles) $50 1 set available Mr. Duke (Subtitles average w/ typos) $25 3 sets available Rules of Love (no idea sub quality, probably average w/ typos) $25 1 set available Hello God (no idea sub quality, probably average w/ typos) $25 1 set available Jewel of Palace (Good Subtitles) $60 1 set available