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From Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin who would later go on to create Drop the Dead Donkey and Outnumbered.

This dvd set includes both The Kit Curran Radio Show from 1984 and the follow-up series from 1986 called simply Kit Curran. Each series was six episodes long and each episode was approximately 25 minutes for a total of 5 hrs of material.

The Kit Curran Radio Show
Thames Television 1984
Starred Denis Lawson, Susan Beagley, Debbi Blythe, Paul Brooke, Clive Merrison, Brian Wilde

01 End of an Era
02 The New Broom
03 Bread and Circuses

04 P is for Positive
05 Election Fever
06 The Big Break

Kit Curran
Thames Television 1986
Starred Denis Lawson, Lindsay Duncan, Debbi Blythe, Paul Brooke, Clive Merrison, Brian Wilde

01 One Door Closes
02 The Lucky Break
03 The Street of Shame

04 A Sick Society
05 Blind Date
06 Doctors Can Seriously Damage Your Health

Screencaps used to illustrate this listing are taken directly from this set with no additional enhancement.

This series has never officially been released in any format.

* completely uncut
* no commercials
* simple menus
* all credits
* TDK dvd-r , plain sleeves
* PAL /region 0 or NTSC /region 0