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King of the Mountain (1981)--Original "Clash of the Titans" star Harry Hamlin and his beer drinking San Fernando Valley friends get their kicks racing down Mulholland Drive in this good, old fashioned youth car culture drive-in film. Dennis Hopper plays a burn out one-time champ of street racing while Sid Haig and Dan Haggerty appear as a mechanics. Like "Fast and the Furious" this film is based on a magazine article about the real life street racing scene, only it is obviously much more faithful to the material. Co-stars "The Warriors" chick Deborah Van Valkenberg, Seymore Cassel, Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson and Joseph Bottoms ("Hunters' Blood").

DVD-R is very good quality and comes with full-sleeve color artwork front and back, traditional DVD case and is Region 0 (will play on any DVD player). Feel free to ask for DVD-R in paper sleeve for a cheaper rate.

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