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you buyingoriginal made in israelthe hit ofKabbalah Red String BraceletsThe popularity of the Kabbalah red string bracelet has been skyrocketing in the past few years. People who wear Kabalah red string bracelets all have a common interest in an ancient mystical practice. This explosion in fashion is rooted in history, myths and mysticism of the KabbalahFueled by Madonna and other celebrities who openly wear Kabalah bracelets to ward off evil, the red string bracelet is now extremely popular among their fans as well.To wear a red string (as a type of talisman) is a custom that has been associated with Judaism's Kabbalah The bracelet is worn to ward off misfortune that is brought on by an "evil eyeIn Yiddish, the red string is called a "roite bindele." One ancient tradition teaches that a red string, wound seven times around Rachel's Tomb, is endowed with mystical powers.According to the tradition, when soneone ties a string around his or her wrist, the wearer is protected from the destructive power of the Evil Eye. The lore says it can prevent disease, poverty, accidents or other misfortune from befalling the wearer.The use of talismans throughout history by religious, pagan and other faiths is well reported. The red string bracelet originates with a tradition in the mystical studies of Kabbalah (also spelt as Kabalah, Kabala, and Qabala- among many other various spellings).It is believed that the person who wears a string bracelet or necklace, infused with their own energy, can gain benefits of a better life, fortune and postive influences Payment We accept payments through Paypal i will ship in standart air mail shipping time is 7/21 days