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JUNGLE BURGER is a rare treat: an ADULT animated
feature that is outrageously sexy, unashamedly rude and decidedly
earthy in dialogue! Inspired by the classic jungle duo Tarzan and
Jane (not forgetting Skippy the chimpanzee), it is an hilarious
exercise in role reversal. Tarzan becomes SHAME - weak, cowardly
and sexually inadequate. Jane becomes JUNE - strident, sexually
demanding and naked most of the time. Skippy becomes CHEAPO, a
randy primate who delights in fondling June's breasts and swinging
on Shame's genitalia.

A softcore pornish cartoon Tarzan, Englished in this version
to conform to the
Animal House spirit of pre-anal comedy: the eternally
adolescent class clown with the Harvard diploma stapled to his fly.
There are glimpses of riotously idiosyncratic wit; but the viewer
is soon left to drown in a wave of crassness while each animated
participant grabs the nearest sex object and heads for the closest
pile of leaves.


johnny weismuller jr. (voice),

If you saw this back in the day, you'll never have
forgotten just how funny it is. Possibly the first X rated cartoon
to ever hit the eyeballs of the world.
Never officially released on DVD, this is a fan produced version
transferred from VHS and recorded on a high quality DVDR. Encoded
to Region 0 and in PAL format this should play on any DVD player,
PC or games console bought in the last 5 years. To be 100% certain
you should Google your players specifications to ensure it is
capable of PAL playback, this is especially relevant to US and
Canada inhabitants.
Video and Audio quality is excellent, at least 8.5/10.
The DVD is presented complete with custom artwork in the form of
a glossy sleeve and printed disc housed in a standard 14mm spined
DVD case.

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