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COLLECTION OF 1,100+ Vintage Japan Woodblock Prints 1850's-1900's in High Resolution .jpg file at 300dpi on DVD-ROM !!!

Included works from the following great masters of the Japanese ukiyo-e style of woodblock prints and paintings:
- Shuntei, Miyagawa (春汀漁史) [1873-1914]
- Taiso, Yoshitoshi (大蘇芳年) [1839-1892]
- Utagawa Yoshiiku (歌川 芳幾) [1833-1904]
- Utagawa Yoshitora (歌川芳虎) [1850's-?]

The contents of this DVD-ROM:-
- More than 1,100+ Vintage Japanese Woodblock Prints 1850's-1900's
- All images are in .jpg format
- Average Image size: (1,000 Pixels x 1,500 Pixels) to (2,000 Pixels x 3,000 Pixels)
- Image Resolutions: 300dpi