Item Description
This is a DVD of the American Film Institute Life
AchievementTribute to James Cagney from March 18,1974 hosted by
Frank Sinatra with Doris Day, Governor Ronald Reagan, Charlton
Heston, Bob Hope, Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine,
Steve McQueen, George Raft, Kirk Douglas, Cicely Tyson, George
C. Scott, George Segal, and old costars Allen Jenkins, Frank
McHugh, Mae Clark, Joan Blondell, Ralph Bellamy.  Runs 75
minutes.   POSTAL RATE INCREASED JANUARY 17. POSTAGE OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. IS NOW $10 EXTRA. But there will be no additional postage for multiple purchases. Postage for the U.S. is $3.00.
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