Item Description
Household Items Needed By You:
good pair of scissors
glue (rubber glue works
nail filer
Wanna use a standard SIM with
your iPhone 4/iPad 3G? Why pay $30 for a kit you'll probably use
once? Why wait for delivery? Here you'll receive an outlined
MicroSIM pattern with instructions you can use sent to your
verified PayPal email account almost immediately! (usually within
1-3 hours of receiving & verifying payment). Best of all, you
can use this more than once if needed.

Please understand exactly what
you may be getting before actually purchasing. Because of the
nature of this sale, selling as-is; all sales final. Seller
reserves the right to cancel transaction if payment is not received
within 48 hours of winning. Joy bidding will not be tolerated.
Bidder must have excellent feedback. New accounts or accounts with
negative feedback will be voided. If you have any further
questions/concerns please contact me.