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excellent tv movie.. Comes on region 0 dvdr..
I, Desire: The Vampire 1982 NR Uncut David Naughton DVD
Very rare and hard to find out of print movie.
Excellent Quality Movie DVD.
This movie is a DVD transfer to a brand new high quality DVD-R
DVD picture and sound quality is a nine out of ten.
This movie is uncut and unrated.
DIRECTOR: John Llewellyn Moxey
WRITER: Robert Foster
RELEASE DATE: November 15, 1982
GENRE: Crime Drama, Horror, Romance, Suspense, Thriller
Law student David Balsinger [David Naughton] works as a
coroner's aid at the County Coroner's office in Los Angeles.
A Coroner's assistant (who is also a law student) gets involved
in a strange case involving his girlfriend's place of employment (a
hospital) and Vampires after Milton King is drained of his blood.
Strange things happen as a defrocked priest tries to thwart all
efforts to solve this case.
David Naughton ... David Balsiger
Barbara Stock ... Mona
Dorian Harewood ... Police Detective Jerry Van Ness
Marilyn Jones ... Cheryl Gillen
Brad Dourif ... Paul
Arthur Rosenberg ... Milton King
James Victor ... Dr. Herrera
Anne Bloom ... Marge Bookman
Linda Lawrence ... Undercover Cop
Adele Rosse ... Head Nurse
Marc Silver ... Larry
James Oliver ... Restaurant Manager
Ann Blessing ... Pat
Timothy Stack ... Daryl
John Bennick ... Newscaster
Cathy Green ... Newscaster
Nigel Bullard ... Newscaster
Stacy MacGregor ... Police Detective
Gary McMillan ... Plainclothes Cop
Liis Kailey ... Nurse's Aide
Holly McCarver ... Ward Secretary
Laurel Rosenberg ... Nurse
James Veres ... Vice Cop
Herb Mitchell ... Bernard McDougal
Bruce Wright ... Preacher