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HOUSE OF PLEASURE (Frau Wirten hat auch eine
Nichte – 1969)
- The third in a series of five SUZANNE
films, this entry finds Hungarian-born Teri Tordai reprising her
role as the friendly innkeeper/madame. Suzanne and the rest of the
series regulars including Harald Leipnitz, Rosemarie Lindt and
Judith Dornys, travel to Paris where she saves Emperor Napoleon
from rather embarrassing predicaments, uncovers a number of nasty
court intrigues and finds the man of her dreams . . . again. As
usual, most of the situations are fabricated to get the female cast
members out of their frocks! This episode in the series features a
fantastic euro-cast including funnyman Lando Buzzanca, the lovely
Margaret Lee as Paoline Bonaparte and, in her second appearance in
the series, Edwige Fenech as the always-nude Rosalie. This is the
uncut 94-minute German-language version and is presented in a
beautiful widescreen digital print. Comes with a white title
Language: German
Running Time:  94
Format: DVD-R, NTSC, region-free
(plays worldwide)
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Bouchet, Ursula Andress, Nadia Cassini, Donatella Damiani, Gloria
Guida, Ulrike Butz, Karine Gambier, Teri Tordai, Eva Czemerys, Femi
Benussi, Laura Gemser, Ingrid Steeger, Deborah Caprioglio, Karin
Schubert, Moana Pozzi, Suzy Kendall, Eleanora Giorgi,Agostina
Belli, Britt Corvin, Anna-Maria Rizolli, Catherine Spaak, Clio
Goldsmith, Christina Lindberg, Solveig Andersson, Dayle Haddon,
Carmen Villani and many, many more fantastic