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HAZEL COMPLETE WITH SPECIALS36 dvd setHazel is a competent, take-charge, live-in maid in the home of corporate lawyer George Baxter, known as "Mr. B" to Hazel (Don DeFore), his interior decorator wife Dorothy, whom Hazel called "Missy" (Whitney Blake), their schoolboy son Harold, known by Hazel as "Sport" (Bobby Buntrock), and the family dog Smiley. Hazel had worked with Dorothy's family before, so she knew her best. The series humorously dramatizes Hazel's life with the Baxters and her friendships with others in the neighborhood such as postman Barney (Robert Williams), taxi-driving Mitch (Dub Taylor), and Rosie Hammaker (Maudie Prickett), another maid in the area. Johnny Washbrook, formerly of My Friend Flicka, guest starred as Hazel's nephew, Eddie Burke.Many episodes focus on the perennial contest of wills between Hazel and her boss over issues around the house; "Mr. B" usually concedes defeat and grants Hazel's wishes when she tortures him by serving meager portions of her mouth-watering desserts. Some episodes take Hazel outside the Baxter house and follow her life in the community. In the first episode, for example, she spearheads a drive for the construction of a neighborhood playground.Hazel's life is sometimes complicated by George's snobby Boston sister Deirdre Thompson (Cathy Lewis) and his gruff client Harvey Griffin (Howard Smith). Dotty neighbors Herbert and Harriet Johnson (Donald Foster and Norma Varden) often call upon Hazel's expertise in household matters.