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Verbatim (Soap Opera Classics). Soaps the way you remember them. Please be sure to read the complete item description before making a trade. (Immediate payment after purchased required).

This ioffer is for a 5 DVD set that features the CBS Emmy award winning Guiding Light that aired on CBS television from June 30, 1952 - September 18, 2009.

This collection features 25 classic episodes. This collection is presented as a collectors edition. Each full length episode features its original intro as well as the ending credits. These episodes come from the original master tapes (not recorded from VHS tapes or TV). I did not get them from another seller or trader (therefore they are of great quality).

Many of these episodes included in this set is what some have called the best moments in Guiding Light history. Reva in the fountain, Alexandria against Roger - which some soap critics have gone on to say is one of Beverlee McKinsey greatest performances. Also includes many classics weddings, also a few episodes written by Douglas Marland who is known as one of the greatest writers of daytime genre.

You will also see many of your favorite daytime actors who went on to other soaps. Barbara Berger (Barbara) who went on to play Bridgett on Another World, Judi Evans who went on to play Paulina on Another World, and Adrienne on Days of Our Lives, Kassie Depaiva who was Chelsea but went on to play Blair Krammer on OLTL, and GH, and also most recently as Eve Donovan on Days of Our Lives. Even if you didn't watch Guiding Light, you will enjoy seeing many of your favorite daytime actors appearing on GL.

Also you will see many characters played by different actors (3 different Alexandria Spauldings - Beverlee McKinsey, Marj Dusay and even Joan Collins "Alexis Carrington" in the role.

(April 1, 1980) On The Trail of Roger Thorpe

Ed Bauer and his brother Mike, pursue their nemesis Roger Thorpe, through the jungles of Santo Domingo.
In an ironic twist, Roger must depend on an enemy to avoid plummeting to his death.

(July 17, 1981) The Many Sins of Nola Reardon

Nola Reardon is determined is marry handsome Kelly Nelson at any cost, even though she knows he’s already in love with Morgan Richards. After Nola becomes pregnant by another man, she tricks Kelly into believing that the child is his, and convinces him to abandon Morgan and marry her.

(Aug. 18, 1981) Kelly Nelson Marries Morgan Richards

This marriage started out as student- teacher romance. Kelly was originally hired as a tutor for the young beautiful Morgan Richards. At the time, each was in a serious relationship with someone else. After a long courtship filled with angst, student and teacher were finally wed.

(July 12, 1982) And Carrie Makes Three

Carrie Marler is a troubled woman plagued by memory lapses, sometimes she can’t even recall where she has been the night before. Carrie’s condition leads her sister-in-law Jackie Marler to think her husband is sleeping with Carrie. Then, a tragic turn of events causes Carrie to doubt her own sanity.

(June 24, 1983) Quinten Chamberlain Marries Nola Reardon

Nola Reardon is ready to marry her dream man, Quinten Chamberlain. But at the last minute, she realizes she has no way to get to the church. Her solution is unorthodox, but it works, and the couple is successfully married in a grand and gorgeous ceremony.

(August 29, 1983) The Truth About Philip

Phillip Spaulding keeps telling himself that he loves his girlfriend, Mindy Lewis, but deep down he knows that he is actually in love with beautiful Beth Raines. Things come to a head at Mindy’s birthday party, where Beth’s jealous stepfather Bradley becomes furious with Phillip. In the heat of the moment Bradley loses control of himself, and reveals a long lost hidden truth that will change Phillip’s forever.
(November 28, 1983) When Reva Comes To Town

Alan visits Reva in an attempt to get her tom come to Springfield.

(December 23, 1983) A Guiding Light Christmas 1983

Many of the show’s best loved characters are in attendance when the Bauer, Lewis and Reardon families gather on Christmas Eve. In a highlight, Mike Bauer serenades his family with a holiday song. Meanwhile in New York, Beth and Philip are helped out of a jam by a kindly old man with a white beard. His name just happens to be Nick.

(July 30, 1984) The Fountain of Truth

Josh Lewis is devastated when longtime love Reva Shayne marries his father. Things go from bad to worse when he is paralyzed in a car crash. He takes out his grief and anger on Reva, who is now his step mother. In a climatic confrontation by a fountain, Reva bares more than just her soul.

(July 31, 1984) The Fountain of Truth Part II

By the fountain, Reva offers to shed her last bit if dignity for Josh.


(July 3, 1987) The 50th Anniversary Show

The Bauer barbecue was a much-loved annual tradition in Springfield. In this 50th anniversary episode, a surprise guest crashes in a most unexpected way. At the end of the episode, actor Ed Bryce, who played Bill Bauer, returned to pay tribute to the late Charita Bauer, who played his wife Bert for over thirty years.

(December 30, 1988) Sinister Sisters

Josh Lewis thinks he first wife, Sonni is dead. She turns out to be very much alive, but sharing split personality with her dead sister “Solita” is out for revenge, and her target is Reva Shayne.

(July 18, 1989) Joshua Lewis Marries Reva Shane

Reva Shane’s love life is turbulent and complex. Finally
Six years after arriving in Spingfield, she realizes that her one true love is Joshua Lewis. But not before marrying and divorcing his brother and father. Reva finally picks the right Lewis member. She and Joshua are married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony, with brother and father happily in attendance.

(July 23, 1990) Au revoir, Reva.

In Florida, Reva drives off the bridge yelling “I’m comin’ for you, Bud!.

(July 12, 1991) Payback Is A Bitch

Alexandra Spaulding thought she had found the ideal husband when the mysterious Roger Thorpe swept her off her feet. But their marriage turned out to be a nightmare, and now Alexandra is determined to expose and humiliate Roger as the lying opportunist that he is.


(November 11, 1992) Dreamgirls

Ross Marler is awaiting the results of his bid to become Senator with his old friend Fletcher Reade. Exhausted, he falls asleep and has a dream in which he encounters various women he has known. He awakes to fateful news, and to a new perspective on life.

(January 11, 1993) Husbands, Friends and Lovers

Maureen Bauer thins her life couldn’t get any better: she has the perfect husband in Ed and the perfect best friend in Lillian. Then she finds a letter revealing that husband and best friend are having an affair. Devastated, Maureen flees to the Bauer family cabin, where Ed tracks her down. In an emotional confrontation, Maureen tells Ed he has broken her heart. Unbeknownst to either of them, it will be their last conversation.

(January 26, 1998) Annie’s Wedding From Hell

Annie Dutton is all set to marry Alan Spaulding and thinks nothing can ruin her perfect day. But her mortal enemy, Reva Shayne, has other ideas. When the minister asks if anyone objects, Reva has arranged for a scandalous secret to be revealed.

(October 18, 2002) The Springfield Ex-Wives Club

At an important Spaulding Enterprises board meeting, Phillip Spaulding and his aunt Alexandra are in a death struggle for control of the company. At a critical moment, Alexandra reveals that she has bought enough stock so that all of Phillip’s ex-wives can vote against him. Phillip still think he has a chance, and the tension is excruciating as the women reveal their votes one by one.

(November 17, 2004) Like Mother, Like Son

Reva faces painful memories when she finds Jonathan making a scene at the Country Club.

(August 19, 2005) Gus Altora Marries Harley Cooper

Gus Altora and Harley Cooper are both in law enforcement: he’s an FBI agent anshe is with the Springfield police. They fall in love while working together on a dangerous investigation of mob families in Springfield. After four years, they are finally getting married. But the day is almost ruined when a supposedly dead man gets involved.

(April 12, 2006) We Belong

On the day of their divorce, Reva and Josh realized they belong together.

(September 7, 2006) 15,000th Episode

In this fantasy episode, Reva Shane awakens in a “Bizarro Springfield”, where she meets alternate versions of the people in her life. Her experiences make her realize that she should be more appreciative of the people and things in her life .

(Sept. 14, 2005) Bill Lewis Marries Vanessa Chamberlin an and Buzz Cooper Marries Lillian Raines

As was not uncommon in Springfield, Billy Lewis and Vanessa Chamberlain had a complicated relationship. Over the course of three decades they fell in love, married and divorced each other, married and divorced other people, fell back in love and finally decided to marry each other again. In one last detour, after overhearing that their friends Buzz Cooper and Lillian Raines have also decided marry, they spontaneously turn their special day into a fabulous double wedding.

(January 25, 2007) The 70th Anniversary Show

As part of the celebration of Guiding Light’s 70th anniversary on radio and television, the characters recreates days gone by. The 1930s, 1940s and 1950s are revisited, as the show begins on radio and transitions to television. Beth Ehlers, gives an inspired performances as the show’s legendary creator, Irna Philips. .

The collection comes in a clear CD DVD keepers, with a printed label that features a brief synopsis of the episode, the date or it's original airing for your archiving and collecting purposes.
The episodes also come on (transferred to ) Verbatim blank DVD media to help you get the best quality available. Verbatim media is voted the number one rated blank media for quality.

If you are fan of Guiding Light, or just daytime TV in general, you will enjoy have adding this to your collection.

This ioffer item comes from my personal fan collection. I'm sharing it as a "one fan" to another. The purpose is to promote daytime tv and appreciation of the genre. I do not own or claim any copyrights.

It is my hope that I can share my fan collection with you. The only thing you are paying for is (the black media, the handeling, the shipping and packaging).

Thank you so much. I really do appreciate you taking the time to look at my items. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask before trading. It is my hope that you and I have a great transaction. Take care!