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FRESNO This is "Fresno" 1986....the absolute funniest mini-series movie of all time.......over  5 hours of fun, with an insane cast !!!! Carol Burnett is a raisen tycoon, whose empire is being set upon by an evil Dabney Coleman...with Terri Garr, Charles Grodin, Gregory Harrison, Michael Richards (of Friday's and Seinfeld), Tom Poston, Melanie Chartoff, and more.FRESNO was a television rarity..."THE ONLY "multi-part comedic TV miniseries. This near brilliant spoof of nighttime soaps like DALLAS and DYNASTY came right on time in 1986 when those shows were in their heyday. This laugh out loud miniseries followed the adventures of the Kensington family, the owner of the largest raisin dynasty in Fresno, California. The large and wonderful all-star cast included Carol Burnett, Dabney Coleman, Teri Garr, Anthony Heald, Bill Paxton, Michael Richards, Gregory Harrison,Theresa Ganzel, Valerie Mahaffey, Melanie Chartoff, Pat Corley (Phil on "Murphy Brown"), Jerry Van Dyke, and despite the presence of all this comic talent, this entire mini series was stolen by Charles Grodin , in a brilliant comic turn as eldest son Cain Kensington. His JR Ewing take-off was perfectly executed comic genius and quite possibly Grodin's finest work on any screen anywhere. Just an exceptionally funny miniseries that stays fresh and hilarious throughout its extreme length. ......$15.00 postpaid, on 2 discs.., crystal cover art...Paypal, Google, or postal money order accepted. Get it now !!!!