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Real time mini GSM/GPRP/GPS Tracker/tracking with magnet The product application areas: A. car rental / small-scale fleet management; B. children / elderly / disabled / pet positioning and monitoring; C. personal safety / important items to track positioning / outdoor distress; D. personnel management / tracking an important figure; E. tracking crime 1. GPS brief introduction: GPS Tracker is a GPS and GSM / GPRS modules personal remote positioning device. It is a smart size, high accuracy remote location equipment. At the basis of GPS satellites, in the dynamic conditions to provide you with accurate location information. Personal remote positioning device launched by the latitude coordinate to authorized cell phone. You can use these features to protect and look for the elderly and children. Moreover, you can use him as a security purpose and other purposes, such as remote positioning necessary to protect property, and safety and animal tracking. 2. Features: ● GPS positioning individual or team ● GM worldwide ● GSM 900/1800/1900MHz frequency support three 850/900/1800/1900MHz (quad-band options) ● High sensitivity, new technology and the most advanced GPS chip ● Even in a weak signal can also pinpoint ● in a limited space such as under the city can also narrow zone very good job ● Compact size, smaller than business cards, a good hiding ● low power ● Express capture signal ● support for a single location and continuous tracking ● Supporting alarm and remote monitor ● support for speed dial button ● Supporting the location query message and the Internet ● can not disturb those who have been tracking the case of monitoring, and timely follow-up ● the holder by telephone or cell phone message positioning ● SOS, an emergency alarm button, one button call and call the exact position 3. The main functions of the machine: 1, positioning monitoring functions: at a global scale, real-time continuous monitoring objectives, achieve all-weather 24-hour positioning control, positioning accuracy of 5-20 meters. 2, the electronic fence functions: set cut-off region, when the goal going into the restricted area, the positioning terminal to the pre-set number of authorized police or alarm to the Control Center, Control Center and return objectives of latitude and longitude, speed, etc. data. 3, emergency alarm function: When an emergency situation, emergency button can be set to the pre-authorization number or Control Center sent out distress signal, and return objectives of positioning data. 4, speeding alarm function: for tracking the speed limit is set, the Tracker will be at speeding automatically authorized to pre-set number or alarm monitoring center and return the target position, velocity and other information. 5, mobile alarm function: the tracking is set to the mobile alarm status, when moving beyond the scope of 200 meters (can be set), the tracking device will be automatically authorized to pre-set number or alarm monitoring center and return objectives position, velocity and other information. 6, low power alarm features: low power tracker will be automatically authorized to pre-set number or alarm monitoring center and upload location data. Specifications: GSM module: GSM900/1800/1900MHz GPS chip: the latest ultra-high sensitivity GPS chip super search capabilities GPS sensitivity:-159dBm GPS center frequency: L1, 1575.42MHz GPS positioning accuracy: 5-25 meters GSM positioning accuracy: 100-500 meters Speed accuracy: 0.1 meters / second Time Accuracy: with GPS synchronization Default data: WGS-84 Hot start: 1 second Warm start: 38 seconds Maximum Altitude: 18,000 meters Maximum speed: 515 meters / second Acceleration: Other: Operating Temperature: -40 --- 85 ℃ Humidity: 5% --- 95% Size: 77mm * 45mm * 25mm Voltage: 850mAh rechargeable battery (3.7V) Power Supply: DC5V charging circuit Standby Time: more than 48 hours LED: 3 LED light show that the GPS and GSM and other operations Package Includes: GPS tracker x 1 AC adapter x 1 GPS tracker charger x 1 Rechargeable batteries x 2 User manual x 1 Gift box x 1 Shipping1.    Hongkong post Ship to worldwide except Italy.(We are really sorry we do not ship product to Italy in normal way because Italy customs will hold them.Really hope Italy buyers can understand on our side.If Italy's customers really want to buy, please pay additional DHL or EMS fee, 20USD within 500 g). 2.    Time is approx :3.    US/UK/Australia/Netherlands/Ireland/Canada    7-14 working days4.    Russia / France / Spain / Germany/ Eastern Europe        7-21 working days5.    items will take longer time to arrive due to Custom Inspection,Brazil / South America  3-5weeks due to strict Custom Inspection We ship to PayPal's address ONLY. 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