Folding Grapping Hook Camping Climbing Carabiner Claw C
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Folding Grapping Hook Camping Climbing Carabiner Claw Clasp Ice Rock Hook Survival Escape Accessory Specifications: Material Stainless steel Length 17cm / 6.69inch Handle diameter 1-2cm / 0.39-0.79inch Handle aperture 1.3cm / 0.51inch Claw thickness 0.5cm / 0.2inch The distance between the top of the paw to the handle 8cm / 3.15inch Hardness 39 HRC Max load 350kg Weight 600g Features: With automatic device, convenient to operate in an emergency time, 3 stainless steel claws of climbing hook can be pack up and very easy to carry. The grappling hook is made of german SUS304 spring steel, 3-claws go through oil quenching process, so that the hardness of the flexible finger strip reach the highest level. The inside diameter of hook's ring is 0.5 inch, which can be used with a variety of climbing ropes and carabiners. Outdoor climbing activities, outdoor adventure activities, wilderness survival outdoor activities, or Fixed Fishing Boats well as aspects of disaster relief and so on. Package Includes: 1 x Folding grapping hook 1355208