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Set in the beginning of the 22nd century, a interplanetary war between humanity and Neosapiens (a fictional race).

This is the complete season 2 all 39 episodes on DVD.

I will offer a bundle discount if you order more then 1 item in my store just message me first to work something out.
This rare season 2 is complete and includes all the episodes + comes with a Standard Box CASE and Professional custom cover art.

The DVDs +/- r is Region 0 - NTSC and will play on all dvd players world wide. Language is English no CC / Subtitles
Please be aware that this season is either out of print or has never been released officially.

The quality is still the best available and watchable.

Every Disk will include a menu for easy navigation so you can pick which episode you want. There is also continuous play where the episodes play 1 after another without stopping. No Commercials at all, they are in chronological order and unedited.


Payment : I will accept cash, checks and money order in the mail OR Credit Card payment. If paying with a credit card please give me time to email the invoice. It is safe and secure and processed with freshbooks accounting company. (no signups required) Paypal at the moment will be limited , google wallet is also an option if requested.


Not all of my shows are listed so if you don't see it in my store send a message and ask.

I will replace all defective disks free of charge but due to the nature of the item i won't take refunds.
Shows are offered on a collector to collector basis only.

No profit is made from the actual content.

All proceeds are used for supplies, postage, equipment & time to make the sets.
All my items are shipped securely in bubble wrap and sent with USPS. (Tracking included)

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask so we don't have any confusion on what you will be receiving.