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Details from Wiki
* Title: 태조 왕건 (太祖 王建) / Taejo Wang Gun
* Genre: Historical
* Episodes: 200
* Broadcast network: KBS1
* Broadcast period: 2000-Apr-01 to 2002-Feb-24
* Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45

This drama is about Emperor Wang Gun, the founder of the Koryo Dynasty.

* Choi Soo Jong as Emperor Wang Gun
o Kim Young Chan as young Wang Gun
* Kim Young Chul as Gung Ye
o Maeng Se Chang as young Gung Ye
* Kim Hye Ri as Yeon Hwa / Kang Bi (wife of Gung Ye)
* Suh In Suk as Kyun Hwon
* Park Sang Ah as Empress Shin Hye of the Yoo clan (Wang Gun's first wife)
* Yum Jung Ah as Empress Jang Hwa of the Oh clan
* Jun Mi Sun as Empress Shin Myung Sun Sung of the Yoo clan
* Ahn Jung Hoon as Wang Mu (son of Jang Hwa, future Emperor Hyejong)
* Kim Gab Soo as Jong Gan
* Jun Moo Song as Choi Seung Woo
* Kim In Tae as Ahjitae
* Jung Jin as Neung Hwan
* Kim Sung Kyum as Ajagae
* Lee Mi Ji as Ajagae's wife
* Shin Goo as Wang Ryung (father of Wang Gun)
* Seo Woo Rim as Wang Ryung's wife
* Kim Hyung Il as Shin Sung Kyum / Neung San
* Kang In Duk as Yoo Geum Pil
* Kim Hak Chul as Park Sul Hee
* Lee Kye In as Ae Sul
* Kim Ha Kyoon as Tae Pyeong
* Jung Tae Woo as Choi Eung
* Kim Myung Soo as Wang Gyu
* Jung Kook Jin as Wang Shik Ryum
* Kil Yong Woo as Bok Ji Gyum
* Lee Kwang Ki as Shin Gum (Kyun Hwon's son)
* Park Sang Jo as Eun Boo
* Park Ji Young as Choi Ji Mong
* Jang Hang Sun as Wang Pyul Dal
* Tae Min Young as Shin Kang
* No Hyun Hee as Queen Jin Sung
* Choi Woon Kyo as Geum Dae
* Song Yong Tae as Hong Yoo (Hong Sul)
* Shin Dong Hoon as Bae Hyun Kyung
* Kim Ki Bok as Kim Rak
* Na Han Il as Byun Sa Bu
* Park Young Mok (박영목) as Ma Sa Bu
* Jang Soon Gook (장순국) as Jang Soo Jang
* Lee Dae Ro as Ambassador Do Sun
* Shim Woo Chang (심우창) as Yeom Sang
* Lee Young Ho (이영호) as Yang Gum
* Jun Hyun (전현) as Geum Kang
* Kang Jae Il (강재일) as Chu Hoe Jo
* Kim Si Won as General Soo Dal
* Seo Young Jin (서영진) as Ambassador Kyung Bo
* Lee Il Woong as Oh Da Ryun
* Seo Sang Shik (서상익) as Jong Rye
* Baek In Chul as Hwan Sun Gil
* Choi Joo Bong as Lee Heun Am
* Park Chul Ho as Ji Hwon
* Suh Yoon Jae as Ok Yi
* Im Byung Ki (임병기) as Shin Deok
* Geum Bo Ra as Mrs. Park
* Jun Byung Ok (전병옥) as Neung Ae
* Lee Jung Woong (이정웅) as Gong Jik
* Im Hyuk Joo (임혁주) as Park Young Kyu
* Han Jung Gook (한정국) as Choi Pil
* Shin Gook as Young Soon
* Choi Byung Hak (최병학) as Jong Hoon
* Ki Jung Soo (기정수) as Pa Dal
* Kim Joo Young as Kim Wi Hong
* Lee Byung Wook as Prince Maui
* Moon Hoe Won as King Gyeong Ae
* Shin Kwi Sik as King Gyeong Sun
* Kim Hyo Won (김효원) as Kim Hyo Jong
* Yoo Byung Joon (유병준) as Kim Yool
* Park Tae Min (박태민) as Won Geuk Yoo
* Kim Bong Geun (김봉근) as Park Jil
* Min Ji Hwan (민지환) as Kim Haeng Sun
* Kim Sung Ok (김성옥) as Kang Jang Ja
* Park Joo Ah as Mrs. Baek
* Ahn Dae Yong (안대용) as Monk Beom Gyo
* Lee Kye Young (이계영) as Yoon Shin Dal
* Kang Man Hee (강만희) as Jun Yi Gab
* Kwon Hyuk Ho (권혁호) as Jun Ui Gab
* Kim Ok Man (김옥만) as Geum Shik
* Kim Jin Tae as Park Yoo
* Park Sang Kyu (박상규) as Kim Soon Shik
* Lee Chi Woo (이치우) as Yang Gil
* Jo Jae Hoon (조재훈) as Im Choon Gil
* Oh Sung Yul (오성열) as Ip Jun
* Jo Yong Tae (조용태) as Jong Hoe
* Choi Woon Gyo (최운교) as Geum Dae (Gung Ye's subordinate general)
* Jang Seo Hee
* Oh Hyun Chul
* Min Wook
* Seo Bum Shik
* Seo Hoo
* Jang Jung Hee
* Jung Hoo

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