Item Description
Modern gadgets or accessories may help you perform your work efficiently and briskly, but they too end up in huge piles of electronic waste, causing environmental hazards all across the globe. If you are concerned about your surroundings, here is a "Bamboo Calculator " for you.Compared with common calculator, it's material is wood which can surely enhance your taste and grasp eyeballs.Features: * 100% Brand new and made of natural bamboo, leaving no waste behind * Sustainable structure * Long life tech * Eco-pain, anti-stain * Bamboo grain absorbs ultraviolet light, anti-radiation * Revolutionary new green product, eco-friendly, low-carbon, comfortable and healthy * Trendy, elegant, unique and distinctive * Warm in the winter and cool in the summer for optimum comfort * Return to nature * Wood calculator Package included: 1* wood calculator 55342