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NBC Thursday 10pm (60min)
October 10, 1963 thru July 1,1965

Kraft Suspense Theatre was filmed in Hollywood and once a month was preempted to allow a special appearance by Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall. The plots revolved around murder, intrigue, terror, and danger.

Kraft Suspense Theater gave birth to two more shows (or spin-offs):
The initial two-parter, "The Case Against Paul Ryker", served as the pilot for the short-lived show, 'Court-Martial', in 1965. And "Rapture at Two Forty" presented in April 1965 was the pilot for the later series 'Run For
Your Life' that ran for three seasons.
AIRED ON 28 DVDS (2 episodes per disc)

1 The Case Against Paul Ryker (part 1)
2 The Case Against Paul Ryker (part 2)
3 The End of the World, Baby
4 A Hero for Our Times
5 Are There Any More Out There Like You?
6 One Step Down
7 The Machine That Played God
8 The Long, Lost Life of Edward Smalley
9 The Hunt
10 The Name of the Game
11 The Deep End
12 A Truce to Terror
13 Who Is Jennifer?
14 Leviathan Five
15 My Enemy, This Town
16 The Action of the Tiger
17 Doesn't Anyone Know Who I Am?
18 The Threatening Eye
19 A Cause of Anger
20 Knight's Gambit
21 One Upon a Savage Knight
22 Portrait of an Unknown Man
23 Their Own Executioners
24 The Sweet Taste of Vengeance
25 Charlie, He Couldn't Kill a Fly
26 The Watchman
27 The Robrioz Ring
28 A Cruel and Unusual Night
29 The World I Want
30 A Lion Amongst Men
31 That He Should Weep For Her
32 The Kamchatka Incident
33 The Jack Is High
34 Threepersons
35 The Gun
36 The Wine-Dark Sea
37 That Time in Havana
38 Four into Zero
39 Streetcar, Do You Read Me?
40 Won't It Ever Be Morning
41 Nobody Will Ever Know
42 The Green Felt Jungle
43 Rapture at Two-Forty
44 Kill No More
45 The Long Ravine
46 The Easter Breach
47 The Safe House
48 Twixt the Cup and the Lip
49 The Trains of Silence
50 Kill Me on July 20th
51 Connery's Hands
52 Shadow of a Man
53 Operation Grief
54 Jungle Of Fear
55 Rise And Fall Of Eddie Carew
56 One Tiger To A Hill


THIS COLLECTION COMES ON 28 DVDs with menus for easy episode access.

All DVDs recorded at the 2hr per disc speed for the best possible quality compared to DVDs with 4-6 episodes per disc. I used quality name brand discs with the manufacturer's name on the disc. I do not use no-name shiny silver discs and then tell people I use Taiyo Yudo discs because the average person doesnt know one plain shiny disc from another. Also... I DO NOT CRAM 4-6 hrs per disc as some sellers do that charge peanuts for their discs and you get poor quality!

PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE THE BEST QUALITY EPISODES YOU WILL FIND ANYWHERE FOR THIS SERIES. That DOES NOT mean they are pristine. That DOES NOT mean they are today's TV quality. That DOES NOT mean they will look great on your big screen HDTV. You WILL NOT find that in a collector series. If you are expecting today's TV quality or you are not aware of the difference between a commercial DVD and a collector DVD, please write BEFORE purchasing.

some episodes have original commercials

I cannot accept returns but will be happy to replace
defective discs upon return.

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