Item Description
Product Specifications:
* Material: Plastic
* Color: As picture shown
* Size: 97.5×92×30mm
* A nice sandwich pocket cutter
* Cute bear design for conveniently making sandwiches for your lover
* The perfect & fun tool for making "uncrushable" sandwiches with any ingredient you want
* Suitable for kitchen use to cut the bread crust
* Easy to use bear shaped sandwich maker for bento
* Enjoy a beautiful and delicious sandwich made by yourself in breakfast or lunch
* Chic, eco-friendly & easy to use

How to use:
* 1. Place your favorite sandwich ingredients in between two slices of microwaves/warm sliced bread
* 2. Place your stuffed sandwich centered into the sandwich maker, then press together

* 3. Take out the brown edges of the sliced breads and discard, and you've made an uncrushable sandwich
What's Included In The Package:
* 1 x DIY BEAR Toaster Sandwich Bread Maker Mould Cutter Tool