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Disco Fever (1978)--The director of the pop culture drive-in film "Supervan" now mines disco's brief popularity for this forgotten exploitation film. Disco club owner Fabian and his fast talking manager Casey Kasem get mixed up with gangsters due a large debt owed. Fabian even sings a couple totally non-disco songs. Co-stars George "King of the Customizers" Barris, Michael "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" Blodgett and see if you can spot Elizabeth "Valley Girl" Dailey and Adolfo "Shabba Do" Quinones. Contains some mediocre disco music written for the film.

DVD-R is very good quality and comes with full-sleeve color artwork front and back, traditional DVD case and is Region 0 (will play on any DVD player). Feel free to ask for DVD-R in paper sleeve for a cheaper rate.

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