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This 1991 underground super 8 epic directed by Eric Brummer
follows in the footsteps of his legendary shorts (Joanna Died &
Went To Hell, Electric Flesh, etc.) by offering the viewer a
non-stop assault of full frontal nudity, slapdash gore, and
mind-bending stop motion animation. Debbie commits suicide and
lands in Hell, where she gets caught in the middle of political
chaos as the Devil gets overthrown by his two servants, Klegor and
Tansitor, who have split Hell in half, each one battling for power
to be the next Supreme Being. Three years in the making, and
marking the first feature attempt by Eric Brummer, who's similar
shorts, full of tongue-in-cheek horror, gothic stop-motion
animation, gratuitous nudity, and blood soaked mayhem, have made
him a leader in the underground.
ships in a plain sleeve with no artwork.