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FOTOGRAFANDO PATRIZIA (The Dark Side of Love – 1985)
– Sexy Monica Guerritore stars in this
erotic thriller from director Salvatore (Malizia) Samperi. The
sexual tension is turned up to ten in this story of the
relationship between a successful business woman (Guerritore) and
her young brother, an introvert, pornophile and hypochondriac.
Samperi really heightens the sleaze factor in this Italian-language
thriller and Guerritore does the type of scenes that fans of the
genre would expect. This is a NTSC Region-Free DVD-R and is derived
from a very good looking VHS source featuring the original,
uncut Italian-language version (no English subtitles or
dubbing). DVD-R comes with full-color white paper sleeve.
Language: Italian
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(plays worldwide)
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