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The complete BBC series - CRACKER - 10 DVD Set

Fitz is a classic antihero, unfaithful to his
wife, alcoholic, a chain smoker, overweight, addicted to
gambling, manic, foul-mouthed and sarcastic, and yet cerebral and
brilliant. He is a genius in his specialty: Criminal Psychology. As
Fitz confesses in "Brotherly Love": "I drink too much, I smoke too
much, I gamble too much. I
am too much."
Each case spanned several episodes and cliffhangerswere quite
often used, but it was not until the end of the second series that
a cliffhanger was employed to tie off the series. Some of the
plotlines in the cases took as their starting point real events
such as the Hillsborough Disaster, while others were purely
fictional with only tangential ties to actual events.
Several different psychotic types were explored during the run
of the show with increasingly complex psychological motivations
that, as the series entered the middle of the second series, began
to expand beyond the criminals being investigated to the regular
cast members. As the series moved forward the storylines became as
much about the interactions of the regulars as it was about the
crimes. In many later episodes, in fact, the crimes often became
background to intense, provocative explorations of the police
officers' reactions to the crimes they investigated.
To emphasize how fine a line the police (and Fitz) walk in their
close association with criminals, all three series featured several
stories in which the police themselves become criminals or victims
of crime.


1. The Mad Woman In The Attic
2. To Say I Love You
3. One Day A Lemming Will Fly
4. To Be A Somebody
5. The Big Crunch
6. Men Should Weep
7. Brotherly Love
8. Best Boys
9. True Romance
10. White Ghost

This is for the dvd's only - no cases