Item Description
Model4FN Cooling Component System is engineered to quietly amp;aggressively cool full sized components, such as large amps, receivers,etc. installed in cabinetry or rack systems.The system is compact:less the 2 inches high and only 1RU. Heavy amplifiers and receivers canbe placed directly on top, or you can stack them between components.This unit features (4) 92mm top-quality levitation fans that are mountedusing special hardware which eliminates noise caused by normal fanvibrations. The unit operates on DC voltage.By adjusting the voltage,the unit can be run quietly, or more aggressively, depending on theapplication. The fans are easily reversed, so you can direct air awayfrom the component, whether you set a component on top of the unit, orthe unit on top of the component.Includes power supply. Rack mountable or Stack between components (rack mount ears included) Heavy gauge steel (painted black) Cooling System:Brushless 92mm Levitation fans w/specialty bearing system (approximately 50,000 hours) Air Flow:~65-130 cfm / ~120-260 cfm/ ~135-278 cfm Power Connection:2.1mm coax connector w/ 2-Pin fastwire system Voltage:7 to 9V DC for normal operation / 9 to 12V for more aggressive cooling Current:400ma/ 800ma / 960maat 12V DC Dimensions:17in W x 13.4in D x 1.7in H (without feet)