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Chopard jewelry L'heure du Diamant Akemi 8X10 Photo picture, This display comes with a professionally printed glossy photo.
Optional: It comes in a gorgeous wood frame that measures 12" x 15" with the opening for the photo measuring just under 8" x 10", crystal clear glass and surrounded by a white mat.
Chopin (Chopard) top jewelry watches exhibition debut, invite Mixed supermodel Shannon Akemi (Akemi) attended the presentation. Asking her to wear a set of more than 200 million emerald jewelry necklaces and earrings, exclaimed "super expensive, super beautiful, super-powerful," he seems to say so "day princess."
Shannon said the United States next month, all her favorite gem diamonds. When asked if it has 200 million yuan, will be used to buy or luxury jewelry? She laughs and says both want to, and wish to buy in Xinyi District, "small house", and then buy jewelry.
Shu Qi suddenly announced last week to get married, this month Akemi Hong said she will not suddenly get married, would surely plan. How to get to marry her boyfriend will marry quit? She said size does not matter, as long as two people love each will nod. Ding Chuncheng is currently working with emotional stability, she said, there is no marriage plans, but has "plans to give birth to four children, and must have daughters, so as to put her dressed as a princess."
Akemi think Shu Qi wear H & M two years ago cool green wedding, also very personal. As for her own wedding is held outdoors hope, simple Western-style wedding is appropriate, Chinese Coronet shawl bit of trouble. While in no hurry to get married, but the desire wedding ring heart is still there.
The Chopin imported from Switzerland more than 80, a total of about 500 million NT dollars to watch cum jewelry sets Highlights include the above asking price more than 200 million yuan emerald necklace, earrings. This set of jewelry from Colombia producing areas, with 18 Gu Bolin gemstone certificate. Necklace from the 14 total weight of 105.64 kt 79.22 kt emerald and diamond crafted earrings by 4 24.09 kt 12.62 kt emerald with four diamonds.
Popular animal series jewelry has two works to the station, where a butterfly brooch by a 11.14 kt Sapphire and 1.98 kt white diamond, and 6 kt pink marquise-cut pink diamond composition, showing the beauty of nature with the nature of the . Another mosaic multicolored fiscal mouse works with diamond necklace set off the multicolored light, red tourmaline, multicolored and dazzling brilliance of diamonds intertwined.
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