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Childrens Clothes 8 to 12 Years
Vintage Knitting Patterns Book
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Beehive Series No. 45, c 1940s, 48 pages

Outfits and sweaters for boys and girls.
Sizes 8 to 12 years.

There is a section on the Aladdin Heel. Using this heel, you can replace a worn out heel without unravelling the foot.

* Festival: Bolero.
* Short-n-Sweet: Pullover sweater in one colour or with striped sleeves, and shorts.
* Honour Pupil: Dress.
* School Picnic cardigan with pattern from graph.
* Twin Flight: Cardigan and pullover.
* Spring Song: Dress.
* School Belle: Pullover with short sleeves.
* Frolic: Pullover.
* Fancy Free: Coat with weave pattern.
* Man of Learning: cardigan.
* Batter Up! Cardigan.
* Train Master: V-neck Vest.
* School Chum: V-neck Pullover.
* Pastime: Turtleneck sweater.
* Master Fixit: V-neck pullover.
* Junior Grade: Round neck Vest.
* Bright Idea: V-neck vest.
* Boy Meets Girl: Boy's vest and knickers and Girl's vest and panties.
* Plain Pullovers and Cable Cardigans for Girls and Boys.
* Fair Isles pages: Girl's and Boy's pullover with Fair Isle yoke, Toque, Mitts, Bonnet. Patterned Beret, Gloves, Scarf, Socks. Nomad slippers. Fair Isle Pullover with round or turtle neck. Angora beret, bonnet, mittens. Scarf and mitts with stripe pattern. Toque and mitts. Plaid socks.

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