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Rare = "Wild on the Beach"
Sonny and Cher's first movie appearance 1965
Hullabaloo with Sonny & Cher 1965 (Added 11/19/09)
2.) "The
Jerry Lewis Show" with Sonny and Cher (Black &
3.) "Man
From UNCLE" with Sonny and Cher 1967
"Smothers Brother Show" with Cher 1967
5.) "Rowan
& Martin Laugh-In with Cher 1967 (Added 11/19/09)
6.) "Glen
Campbell Show" with Cher and Don Ho 1967
7.) "The
Grammy Awards 1974" Cher & Telly Savales presents:
Rona Looks
at Cher, Liza, Raquel and Ann-Margret '75 (added
9.) Black Rose on Midnight Special and Merv
Griffin 1980
10.) Australia countdown with Cher 1981
11.) Come Back To The Five and Dime, Jimmy
Dean, Jimmy Dean / Uninhibited 1982/1989
12.) The Tonight Show with host Joan Rivers,
guest: Cher 1983
13.) "Late Night with David Letterman" guest:
Cher first appearance 1986
14.) "Pee Wee Christmas Special" w/Cher 1987
15.) Academy Awards 1988 60th Anniversary
Show = Cher wins best actress award! + 1989 Academy Awards, Cher
16.) Cher: Live at the Mirage 1989
17.) Black Rose / Heart of Stone 1980/1989
18.) Saving Face - Info-commercial 1992
19.) Love Hurts 09/05/1992 / Believe Tour

21.) Cher Halloween Oct. 2003
22.) Cher Farewell Tour
23.) Cher on Late Night w/ David Letterman
1986, 1987, 1991, 1996, 1999, 2002
24.) Cher on Oprah: 1990, 1991, 1998,
25.) Cher on Oprah: 2002 + Cher on Dr. Phil
26.) "Top of the Pops" History 2007 TOTP Last
27.) Cher on Oprah 05/08/2008
28.) Cher on Ellen 11/03/2008
29.) Cher on Entertainment
Tonight 02/26&27/2009
Looking to trade with other
Cher DVD's, for my personal
collections, which I have much, just looking for better quality
from someone looking to

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