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February 4, 2011
Cher live from Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV
Second to last night of her current engagement, February 4,
, FAN SHOT amazing quality, even better than the DVD's shot
back in 2010, the angle of filming almost center stage and with the
lighting the costumes just pop!
Show Review
By Kristine McKenzie
Fans expect to see outrageous costumes,
over-the-top sets and flamboyant production numbers when they
attend a Cher concert and she delivers nothing less in her
90-minute spectacle at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. With Cher's
current run coming to an end in February 5, 2011 this is the last
chance for fans to see the iconic performer live on the Las Vegas
The show, simply titled “Cher,”
is a parade of hits from across the prolific singer’s
four-decade career, combined with innovative staging, stunning Bob
Mackie-designed costumes and choreography by Doriana
Cher's phenomenal career has spanned 40
years, making her one of the most popular female artists in music
history. She has sold more than 100 million records worldwide
since her debut as a solo artist in 1964.
The singer is no stranger to the Strip. She
and her late ex-husband Sonny Bono first played the Flamingo as Pat
Boone's opening act in 1969. The duo played the Sahara during the
'70s and Cher frequently played Caesars Palace as a solo artist
from 1979 to 1982.
That makes her current show a sort of a
homecoming at Caesars Palace and you know it’s going to be
larger than life when the star, decked out in a dazzling gold
costume, makes her entrance, descending from 40 feet above the
audience and onto the stage in what she calls her “Flying
Wallenda, Evel Knievel death-mobile."
Cher begins the night with a monologue
reminiscent of those she used to perform on “The Sonny &
Cher Show” before launching into her fan
It soon becomes obvious how Mackie got his
nickname, the “Sultan of Sequins,” as different
dazzling costumes and
wigs are revealed with almost every
number. Between Cher and her dancers, there are 140 costume changes
during the show and Cher switches outfits in less than two minutes
with the help of four assistants.
In between all of those changes, the audience
is treated to rare vintage performance footage of Sonny and Cher,
clips from their popular
TV shows and film clips from Cher’s
acting career projected on the Colosseum’s mammoth
34-foot-tall, 109-foot-wide, high- definition LED screen.
One of the highlights of the show comes with
the hit song “The Beat Goes On.” The number evokes the
'60s with mod black-and-white sets and costumes, accompanied by
black-and-white clips and photos of Sonny and Cher.
Next, Cher takes the audience on a trip
through her closet, which she describes as the “Grand Canyon
with clothes in it.”
The first outfit she appears in, while
singing “Half Breed,” is a Native American-inspired
costume, complete with a full headdress. She and her dancers then
switch to colorful gypsy costumes for “Gypsies, Tramps &
It’s on to the '70s and the disco ball
isn’t the only thing lighting up the stage – so is
Cher’s costume as she sings a cover of “Don’t
Leave Me This Way” and her disco classis "Take Me
Throughout the show Cher is joined on stage
by a five-piece band and a cast of 18 talented dancers and
aerialists. Her keyboard player even joins her for the duet
“After All,” which Cher originally sang with Peter
Longtime fans of the singer won’t be
disappointed as the show draws to a close with some of her biggest
hits like “Walking in Memphis" and “If I Could Turn
Back Time,” complete with the infamous black leather and
mesh outfit and sailor hat.
Cher’s mega-hit “Believe”
is reserved for the encore and you’ll leave the show
believing in this pop diva’s star power.

1. Intro
2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
- Monolouge -
- Interlude -
3. Fire Down Below
- Drum Interlude -
4. Old Time Rock 'n' Roll
- Sonny & Cher Interlude -
5. The Beat Goes On
- Monolouge -
- Interlude -
6. All I Really Want To Do
- Interlude -
7. Gypsies Tramps & Thieves
8. Dark Lady
- Interlude -
9. Half Breed
- Interlude (Disco Medley: Burn
Baby Burn/ YMCA)-
10. Take Me Home
- Sony & Cher Interlude -
11. Love Hurts
- Movie Interlude -
12. After All
13. Walking In Memphis
- Interlude -
14. If I Could Turn Back Time
- Interlude -
15. Believe