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About the Movie - Chasing Leprechauns

Michael Garrett (Adrian Pasdar), a New York corporate troubleshooter, is ready for a well-deserved vacation from his stressful job. But his demanding boss has other ideas, sending Michael on an unusual assignment: to travel to a small town in Ireland to close a deal on a construction site that is believed to be inhabited by leprechauns. Needing to find a way around an antiquated law in the town, Michael sets out to get the approval of the town’s resident leprechaun expert, local pub owner Sarah Cavanaugh (Amy Huberman), and soon finds that is easier said than done. Sarah believes the land is inhabited by leprechauns, and won’t sign Michael’s building permit.

With a little help from the locals, Michael tries to win over Sarah by acquainting himself with the town’s customs. But when he unexpectedly falls in love, he must get luck on his side and his boss off his back. Can Michael find a way to win Sarah’s heart and still close the deal, or will the local leprechaun legend leave him with nothing?