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Celine Dion – The Ultimate English Videos (4DVD Set) 76 Videos
4 DVD Set of ALL of Celine’s English Music Videos right up to 2012, this includes all videos released Worldwide NOT just her UK or US hits.

Includes some rare and hard to find videos including all alternative music videos and even a bonus video of ‘If I Can Dream’ with Elvis Presley

90% of the videos are of excellent quality, the other 10% vary in quality (especially some of her earliest ones) due to how rare and hard some are to find.

The list of videos was compiled through researching every English release and what was used as the music video; there are many live performances because these are what were used as the official music video.

This is a set that no Celine Dion fan should be without; it comes complete with full artwork for both the cover and the discs and also a leaflet with the FULL track listing.


Here is the complete list of ALL videos in this set:
1. Listen To The Magic Man
2. Can't Live with You, Can't Live Without You
3. (If There Was) Any Other Way (Canadian version)
4. Unison
5. Where Does My Heart Beat Now (Canadian version) (B&W version)
6. The Last To Know
7. Have A Heart (Live - from Toronto, Canada)
8. Voices That Care (Various) (Studio)
9. Beauty and the Beast (Studio)
10. If You Asked Me To
11. Nothing Broken But My Heart
12. Love Can Move Mountains
13. Water From The Moon (B&W version)
14. Un Garçon Pas Comme Les Autres (Ziggy) (English version)
15. When I Fall In Love
16. Did You Give Enough Love
17. The Power of Love
18. Misled
19. Think Twice
20. Only One Road
21. Calling You (Live - from Toronto, Canada)
22. Next Plane Out
23. To Love You More (Studio version)
24. Falling Into You
25. Because You Loved Me
26. It's All Coming Back To Me Now (Single version)
27. The Power Of The Dream (Live – Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics 1996)
28. All By Myself
29. Call the Man
30. Tell Him (Studio)
31. The Reason (Studio)
32. My Heart Will Go On
33. Immortality
34. I Hate You Then I Love You
35. I'm Your Angel
36. Treat Her Like a Lady (Live - from Let's Talk About Love Tour)
37. That's the Way It Is
38. Then You Look at Me
39. Live (For The One I Love)
40. I Want You to Need Me (Unreleased)
41. So This Is Xmas
42. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Performance - from 1999 CBS Special)
43. If Walls Could Talk
44. God Bless America
45. What More Can I Give (Various) (Studio)
46. A New Day Has Come
47. I'm Alive (Stuart Little 2 version)
48. Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)
49. I Drove All Night
50. Have You Ever Been in Love
51. One Heart
52. You and I
53. Come Together Now (Various) (Studio)
54. Let Your Heart Decide (Studio)
55. Taking Chances
56. A World To Believe In (Studio)
57. Alone (Performance - from 2008 CBS Special)
58. Eyes On Me (Live - from Taking Chances Tour)
59. My Love (Live - from Taking Chances Tour)
60. We Are The World 25 for Haiti (Various) (Studio)
61. Where Does My Heart Beat Now (U.S. version)
62. (If There Was) Any Other Way (U.S. version)
63. Where Does My Heart Beat Now (Special version)
64. Water From The Moon (Yellow/brown version)
65. Think Twice (TOTP version)
66. It's All Coming Back To Me Now (Full version)
67. To Love You More (Live - from Falling Into You Tour)
68. All By Myself (UK Christmas version)
69. All By Myself (Live - from Falling Into You Tour)
70. Immortality (Studio version)
71. I'm Your Angel (Studio version)
72. I'm Alive (International version)
73. Goodbye's (The Saddest Word) (Unreleased)
74. Have You Ever Been in Love (Performance version)
75. Taking Chances (Studio version)
76. If I Can Dream (Bonus Video)