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Castaway (1986) DVD – Directed by Nicolas Roeg and starring Oliver Reed and Amanda Donohoe
“Oliver Reed, nearly fifty, gives a heart-wrenching performance as a man who knows every trick in the book, except how to hide from himself. With her first film, Amanda Donahoe portrays the resourceful, intelligent Lucy with a serene self-confidence any screen veteran would envy. Nicolas Roeg's vision of Tuin includes dazzling shots of clouds washing over the moon, as well as the pitiless depiction of this mismatched pair who learn to depend on each other in spite of themselves. Roeg and Reed took an admirable risk revealing the interior toll of false machismo, and for that reason I have a hunch men will be more uncomfortable with this film than women.” Monica Sullivan, Movie Magazine International Review

“I predict that eventually, this movie will become a valued ‘one-of-a-kind’ classic; one that will long outlast most of the films produced during the same time.” Richard L. Nevitt, Online Rreviews

"…one of Roeg's most watchable fims." David Poland, HOT BUTTON
Synopsis: TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION. Based on a true story, Castaway is the tale of a British writer Gerald Kingston (played by Oliver Reed) who conceives of the brilliant plan to cart himself off to a desert island--with a suitable woman in tow--with the idea that he will write a bestseller based on his 'back-to-nature-Adam-and-Eve' experiences. Good plan, and it certainly smacked of a possible salacious bestseller. So middle-aged Gerald advertises for a wife, and is thrilled when young, blonde, and beautiful Lucy Irvine (Amanda Donohue) responds to his advertisement for "wife wanted."

Item description: Never officially released on DVD — and now out-of-print in VHS. As a technophile collector I searched for the best possible copy I could find. Well this is it – slightly better than VHS. DVD comes in standard amoray case with nice wrap (cover art as pictured). SPECIAL NOTE: If you’re looking exclusively for an official, studio-manufactured North American DVD version of this movie, it doesn’t exist – here or anywhere. Please don’t buy this. But if you’re looking for the very best possible version of this film, nicely packaged, you are in luck.

Product Details
• Director: Nicolas Roeg
• Written by: Lucy Irvine (book), Allan Scott
• Format: Color, NTSC, Region-Free
• Run-time: 117 minutes
• Rated: R
• Video Release Date: September 1, 1998
• Average Online Customer Review: **** 1/2
Oliver Reed .... Gerald Kingsland
Amanda Donohoe .... Lucy Irvine
Georgina Hale .... Sister Saint Margaret
Frances Barber .... Sister Saint Winifred
Tony Rickards .... Jason
Todd Rippon .... Rod
John Sessions .... Man in Pub
Virginia Hey .... Janice
Sorel Johnson .... Lara
Len Peihopa .... Ronald
Paul Reynolds .... Mike Kingsland
Sean Hamilton .... Geoffrey Kingsland
Sarah Harper .... Swimming Teacher
Stephen Jenn .... Shop Manager
Joseph Blatchley .... Registrar