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The calcium of aspartate is applicable to the population: All People Who Are Short Of Calcium.
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A new generation of calcium and treasure
------Calcium aspartate solid drink

Calcium aspartate solid drink:
In high purity L - aspartic acid calcium trace elements (such as Fe zinc) as the main raw material, refined by scientific methods, whose nature is stable, high absorptivity, gastrointestinal tract without irritation to human body, is the ideal of modern calcium and regulate body nutrition

Calcium aspartate solid drink:
1.The key to the utilization of high calcium supplements is to use the new generation of chelated calcium peptides, which are rich in various active factors, and the effective utilization rate is close to 100% in the human body.
2.It is easy to absorb the amino acid chelating calcium peptide which is formed by advanced enzyme technology.
3.Advanced technology adopts enzyme engineering technology.
4.The nutrition is complete on the basis of keeping the calcium content, adding a variety of amino acid minerals and trace elements.
5.The calcium content in high calcium content is up to 12%.

The calcium of aspartate is applicable to the population: all people who are short of calcium.